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    While I can agree that only a small percentage of players will look at hard raids, we are currently still far away from anything of that sort. Some middle ground would surely be nice to have to keep the playerbase that is progressing faster interested.

    Not sure why you believe that Wuxia content would not attract streamers or viewers, it's basically fantasy and fantasy always had its good share of followers. We see many Wuxia games that have streamers, there are simply not many quality games for the western market currently that could be streamed in the first place in our regions, but you can take a glance over at where these games are available, there are quite a lot of streamers.

    Ich finde es eigentlich ganz angenehm wie es gerade so ist. Macro Themen wie Positionierung und Movement waren mir immer schon lieber im Fokus als Micro-Management wie 100 Tasten Rotas. Weniger Tasten werden es so oder so nicht, da wir uns ziemlich sicher sein können, dass bei jeder größeren Erweiterung wieder 1-2 dazukommen werden.

    Denke schwer ist keine der Klassen wenn es ums Spielen geht. Kann teils ein wenig kompliziert werden zu verstehen wie die Fähigkeiten alle zusammenspielen sollen, gerade auch aktuell mit den verwirrenden Übersetzungen, aber ich würde keine der Klassen als wirklich schwer zum Spielen klassifizieren.

    Reaper baut halt mehr auf seinen eigenen Mechaniken auf während der Berserker eher weniger Fähigkeiten hat die so eng zusammenhängen, dabei ist es dann aber wichtiger zur richtigen Zeit die richtigen Fähigkeiten einzusetzen damit dann auch idealer Schaden am Ende rauskommt.

    3) but it is a start to report stuff here =) One thread per issue would be great to we do not have to sort everything from all the long threads but can send better feedback for each small thread we get =)

    Over all a short note as well:

    Chinese does not use any articles or gender specific pronouns and while translating the translators also do not have a lot of context, it is not that easy to always get the right article/pronoun in the translation without that.

    And also for some "strange" sounding parts of text it might be also because the structure of CN is not 100% clear or just does not work for western languages!
    We really try to do our best always! More accurate feedback in smaller threads would help us a lot! (Screenshots as well)

    In regards to the one thread per issue. That would be a lot of threads if I open for example one for each skill that needs retranslating, as currently 100% of skills need little fixes and formatting and 60-80% of them need major overhauls. Or one for each quest dialogue that needs fixing.

    Also if your translators do not have a lot of context then they should get it. Thats a pretty bad excuse to be honest. It's really not that hard to log into the game and look what it is like in the game.

    The whole mess is for the biggest part the result of the initial translators never getting the chance or bothered to actually check ingame what it is all about. If the translators don't have access and time to check it in game, whoever is responsible for not giving them access needs a kick in their behind, because thats just extremely negligent. You simply CANNOT have a proper translation without understanding the game, without understanding the relationship inside the game and the context surrounding it.



    • Dust Bringer ( Spacing issues; When you are controlled with frozen, stunned.." should be "When you are under the effects of freeze, stun,..." or rewrite completely; "Increases the initial damage transformation rate of Light of Silence.." What is an initial damage transformation rate? Maybe use "Improves the rate at which Light of Silence accumulates damage..." as before with Wheel of Frost skill, it is nowhere mentioned what its base rate is in the first place; The lore/blurb text makes no sense. "The Dust Bringer flees and beaty is revealed in a flash" um huh?
    • Avert Disaster ( Retreat! .. No wait, maybe write a little bit more what it does instead of throwing some more Effect: pretext around? "Removes all crowd control effects and makes you immune to further crowd control as well as staggering effects." or something along those lines; Spacing issues.
    • Transformation Spell ( Needs some rewording. "direction of movement" is just strange.

    Reaper (Assassin)

    • Spirit Strike ( Some spacing issues; I would properly write critical hit instead of crit hit; "Interval" is confusing. Maybe use "A critical hit restores 1 incantation, can happen once every second."; Not sure what you mean by "Phase 3" should be translated as "third hit" or similar, as it is the third hit in the combo.
    • Moon Sickle ( Some spacing issues; "Phase 3" should be "third hit of the combo attack";
    • War Moon ( I would add some tidbit including an 'If' "If the main target is affected by Heart Eater, it spreads to other targets within 4 metres." This makes it clear that there is a chance that the target is not affected by Heart Eater, that Heart Eater is a different skill effect and that way they are not going to be confused and wonder how they are supposed to get Heart Eater to spread without first applying Heart Eater with a different skill. War Moon does nothing in regards to Heart Eater if it is not already applied.
    • Heart Eater ( "Inflicts 60 Point(s) on the target..." Target has Point(s) now. Well done. What points?! This is not the first time to see the whole Point(s) drama. Personally I would rewrite EVERY SINGLE SKILL properly and remove the Point(s) and use damage or healing instead. "Deals X damage" , "Heals for Y" instead of throwing around Point(s) and strangely adding an Effect pretext of "Damage: Blabla" It's just odd that way. That said, if you want to keep this Point(s) drama, then please add some information that it's damage here. While it is obvious in the end it should still make sense, obvious or not; "..and applies the Heart Eater status." should use "...and applies one stack of the Heart Eater status." ; Some spacing issues.
    • Wheel of Frost ( Some spacing issues; "Detonates all Lights of Silence in range" Please clarify, how many are there, when is a second one generated? What does a detonated Light of Silence even do in the first place?; "Stores a certain percentage..." What percentage are we talking about? 1% 50%? Please specify; "*In the instance, the Light of Silence explodes automatically..." What instance? Makes no sense. Maybe something like: "If the stored damage exceeds the HP of the target, the Light of Silence explodes automatically."; "If the bearer is a character" What bearer? Maybe it should be "target"?; Overall the name of the skill "Light of Silence" is quite odd. A Light is usually not related to any kind of noise, or lack thereof.
    • Lunar Seal ( Needs a total rework. "Unconsciousness" should be "stun" and the skill needs proper information about duration. "Extends every incantation for 2s up to 6s" is confusing and doesn't really explain anything at all; Some more smash golden shell madness and spacing issues on top. Yet another skill that just shows what a bad idea it is to not write the effects properly but just use "Effect:" It's confusing and looks odd.
    • Serpent Worm ( Unconsciousness should be stun, also the whole Effect: is horrible. Please simply use the extended information for both normal and regular text ; Please also clarify if the PvP effect replaces the regular effect or if it regenerates 5 Incantations on top of the stun.
    • Spectral Phantom ( This needs a major overhaul, but as I don't play Reaper I lack the information necessary to reword it properly. Other than spacing issues and the term "sword skills" which is odd as a reaper doesn't use a sword it is really hard for me to rewrite. I would recommend to drop all of the Effect: Duration: and other pretexts and just write down what it does concisely. Maybe something along the lines of:

      "Creates a copy of yourself including your position, edge, incantations as well as most of your active cooldowns except <melee? not sure what you mean by sword skills> skills. Use the skill again to return to your created copy, restoring half of your received damage and returning the earlier saved values."

      That said, I don't currently play reaper and I don't know how it works precisely, as such the whole thing is vague at best.
    • Shadow Ward ( "Penetrates the body of the target." should be "Possess"; Spacing issues.
    • Moonshade ( Very confusing overall. "Raids on the target" Has no meaning and isn't even a proper english sentence. No clue what its supposed to do. "Target hit: Press the key again to return to the target." Maybe I simply don't get what this part does, but from what I see of the range, this seems to be a ranged attack useful as a gap closer if it hits. The wording "return to the target" is odd, maybe use "teleport to the target" or similar as in most situation the player is not at the target in the first place, unable to return there either; "3 incantations are regenerated upon the first hit with this ability (this is reset after leaving combat)" Ok, instead of "regenerated" I'd use "recovered" or even better "generated", as this is a resource, that is not full by default, as such you don't really regenerate it. I'm not sure what is supposed to be reset though after leaving combat.
    • Witches' Ritual ( Please clarify what the sword skill means. Reapers use no swords; Spacing issues.
    • Moth Poison (Astral Blessing, Very wordy. Some parts are also confusing. "War Moon consumes 3 incantations" It naturally consumes 3 incantations. Does that mean you are restrcited from using it with 1 or 2?; "... it receives 1 stack or the effect..." should be "of the effect"
    • Morning Light (Astral Blessing, Please confirm what this does exactly. It says "If War Moon hits a target, enemies within a radius of 8 metres are infected with Heart Eater" Looking at War Moon already being mistranslated, because it only spreads Heart Eater and doesn't inflict it directly and as it looks like this Astral Blessing mostly increases the range of War Moon, I am somewhat doubtful if it really infects enemies now, or if it just increases the range of the spread as well.
    • Moonset (Astral Blessing, Sometimes stacks is used, sometimes layers is used, please change it to be consistent. Please explain the effects of "War Moon: Darkness" properly. It's current description doesn't give much information what it actually does. Does the duplicate cast War Moon once? twice? a hundred thousand times? Is there some duration? What is its damage based on? Your stats?
    • Winter Sacrifice (Astral Blessing, "If the target is a character" I guess you are talking about a "player character" for PvP? Please clarify.
    • Marionette (Astral Blessing, Confusing to the point that I have no clue what it really does. It creates some puppet, but how exactly is not very clear, especially as the regular information and the extended information sometimes contradict each other. Please rewrite/clarify.
    • Silent Summoning (Astral Blessing, "In combat status..." should be "During combat..." ; "...and it cannot be controlled by external influence." is probably supposed to mean "...and the invisibility effect can no longer be cancelled by crowd control effects."
    • Life & Death (Astral Blessing, Super wordy and confusing. Needs a rework to make it more concise. It talks about detonating markers, but never mentions markers before, the whole conversion is super wordy, the part about having a seal of yinhua name and then talking about a phantom of an acquaintance is redundant and wordy. The part about the damage being based on crit hit rate and crit hit damage is confusing and the part about Heart Eater effect is not precise and unclear. This blessing is a confusion festival all by its lonesome.

    Reaper (Occultist)

    • Sea Fog ( What is the Healing Insect Mist effect? I'm confused, my best guess is that its supposed to mean "Gives the target the Healing Haze effect or extends it." ; "Start" is likely supposed to mean "channel time", whoever translated this with "start" likely never checked what they translated in the first place.
    • Enchanting Lotus ( Maybe consider giving it a shorter name, you know, like Enchanting Lotus. I can already hear the Memes for this. "Cast some heal on me!" - "Which one?" "Not sure, maybe the Enchanting Lotus grows on the gree... nevermind I'm already dead"; Overall the skill text needs a complete rework. Too much wordy text and redundant information; Not sure what 'Any healing' is supposed to mean, what 'In your own magic lotus' is supposed to mean (while standing inside of its range?) and the whole part about receiving mana back is a mess.
    • Blood Circulation Summoning ( Needs some better formatting and explanation to make it clear that this uses up your own Health Pool to heal others. Also instead of having an extra effect text for Healing Haze and Blood Circulation this should be added to the respective targets (self or other) as these effects don't apply to both, but only to their respective target; Some spacing issues.
    • Snake Handler ( The non extended skill information is a bit thin to put it mildly. The extended information is somewhat decent, so maybe move some of the explanation over to the regular info.
    • Star Spell: Rest ( Please define what "distributes the HP ... within range proportionally every second" is supposed to mean. Proportionally in regards to what?; Some spacing issues.
    • Elapsed Time ( What is Movement delay supposed to be? What is movement damage supposed to be and what precisely is healing attributes? Healing effect / effectiveness?; Spacing issues.
    • Summon Spirit Growth ( The effect sounds super awkward, once again the whole points mess. Either use "points of Health" or use "heals the target for x points". The wording Effect: X Point(s) is silly; Spacing issues.
    • No Spiritopolis ( Maybe find a reasonable name for this skill; Like others of its kind, the Bladeheart Resonance skill description is confusing.
    • Endless Green (Astral Blessing, Not sure what "the simple amount healed is increased to 40" is supposed to mean, I guess base amount.
    • Skeletons (Astral Blessing, "The simple charge level .." I guess its supposed to be base charge level, but I would translate it differently to avoid confusion. Maybe use "Reduces the charge time.."
    • Snake in the Clouds (Astral Blessing, Some Typos with mentioning HP twice. should be "regenerates X Point(s) of HP for the..."
    • Snake Drinking Dew (Astral Blessing, Some Typos with HP
    • Star Displacement (Astral Blessing, The skill it refers to is called Star Spell: Rest and not Star Spell - Spirit Rest, please pick one for consistency and change the other; "..reduces the damage suffered by team members within range of the totem to 15%" I highly doubt that it reduces the damage to 15% (which would mean a 85% damage reduction) but instead reduces the damage by 15% (as the initial skill reduces it by 10%, in other words an increase of 50% of the damage reduction effect)
    • Star Spell - Call (Astral Blessing, Quite a lot of confusing parts. The first paragraph makes no sense to me as the initial spell is already supposed to be an instant cast. In the second paragraph "the amount healed is increased by 10% for 15s" My guess is that it refers to all healing effects and not just the end of effect heal. Maybe use "healing effects received are increased by .." to make it less confusing, as it seems to be unrelated to the heal of the initial effect.
    • Elapsed Time (Astral Blessing, Confusion in the translation, There is a difference between "increased to" and "increased by". "increased to 15%" would be something totally different as it refers to the amount healed and not the amount the increase is raised by, same for the HP consumption.

    Ehrlich gesagt klingt das nach einem ganz anderen Problem. FPS Werte sind rein Clientseitig und haben mit der Latenz zum Server im Normalfall nichts zu tun.

    Klar wenn man Verbindungs oder Latenzprobleme hat, kann das bei Bewegungen etc. Probleme bereiten, aber das würde den FPS Wert nicht in Mitleidenschaft ziehen, weil Latenzen auf FPS keine Auswirkung haben sollte. Wenn Celtic gute FPS Werte hätte und trotzdem Probleme im Spiel dann würde das Sinn machen für das genannte Problem, aber da sein FPS Wert einbricht muss es irgendetwas Clientseitiges sein.

    Typische Latenzprobleme wären Rubberbanding, wenn der Charakter an eine alte Position zurückgestellt wird. Verzögerungen beim Aufheben von loot oder interagieren mit NPCs und Sachen. Verzögerungen bei Skills. Wenn das Interface selbst Probleme macht (Kamera lässt sich nicht flüssig Drehen, Standbilder beim herumlaufen oder Laden von Zonen etc.) dann ist das nicht Latenzabhängig.

    Zoom mit Mausrad ändert leider den Field of View wert nicht, das ist schlichtweg der Abstand zum Charakter, hilft aber in vielen Fällen als Ersatz auch, da gebe ich dir vollkommen Recht.

    Höherer FOV Wert würde bei gleichem Abstand zum Charakter mehr von der Umgebung freigeben, da der Winkel von dem was du sehen kannst größer wird. Das nette daran ist, dass der Abstand der Kamera zu deinem Charakter sich nicht ändert, was oft hilfreich für Positionierung sein kann.

    Dynamisches Sichtfeld, auf Englisch dynamic Field of View ist eine Einstellung welches die Sichtfeld Einstellungen (Field of View) anpasst je nach Situation. In den meisten Spielen wirkt sich das auf Bewegungen aus, in SOLO soweit ich weiß kommt es vorab fürs Fliegen und möglicherweise Sprinten zur Verwendung.

    Beispiele (Ausrichtung auf der Linken Bildschirmkannte, wenn man auf der rechten Seite mehr oder weniger sieht hat das damit zu tun, dass ich mehr oder weniger mit dem Snipping tool kopiert habe, aber bin immer bis an den Bildschirmrand auf der linken Seite gegangen, also auf den bitte fokussieren :)

    Ohne DFOV Stehend:


    Ohne DFOV Fliegend:


    Wie man sieht ist der Winkel und der Bereich den man sieht relativ ident.

    Vergleicht man das mit DFOV aktiv:

    Mit DFOV Stehend:


    Mit DFOV Fliegend:


    Hier merkt man den deutlichen Unterschied. Um es simpel auszudrücken, mit DFOV zoomt das spiel weiter rein und gibt dir weniger Sichtfeld frei, sobald du in den Flugmodus wechselst, stellt das Spiel langsam den Field of View wert hoch und gibt dir dadurch mehr Sichtfeld frei, dadurch siehst du einen größeren Bereich am Rand des Bildschirms.

    Ich persönlich würde DFOV immer deaktiviert lassen, da ich es gerne hab wenn ich auch ohne Flugmodus mehr sehe und SOLO leider keine seperate FOV Einstellung hat was ich bislang so sehen konnte. Ist aber Geschmackssache. Hab gehört Dynamic Field of View soll manchmal mit Schwindelgefühlen und dergleichen zusammenhängen und helfen, aber Details dazu hab ich mich ehrlich gesagt zu wenig befasst.

    Ich habe zwar keine Probleme, wie Standbilder, aber die FPS sind deutlich niedrig, hängen bei rund 40-60 in leeren Gebieten sowie um die 25 FPS (fällt manchmal auf 20) in befüllten Gebieten wie vor der Frostbitten Path Instanz.

    Dazu sei gesagt, dass ich eine GeForce RTX 3090 verwende, einen 16 core i-7, 10700K @ 3.80GHz und aktuell rund 32GB ram.

    Wenn eine 2000€ Grafikkarte "nur" 25 FPS in befüllten Gebieten hinlegt, dann will ich ehrlich gesagt nicht wissen, was die Recommended oder gar die Minimum required PC Settings zusammenbringen.

    Die Fragen sind jetzt: In wie weit sind die FPS Anzeigen akkurat und haben mit dem eigentlichen Problem zu tun und um was für ein Problem handelt es sich eigentlich. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es rein um die Leistung der Karte geht, weil wie die anderen ja bereits geschrieben haben, gibt es auch Beispiele mit deutlich schlechteren Systemen, welche trotzdem keine Probleme haben.

    Klingt also eher nach Treiber oder Feature Inkompatibilität für mich, bzw. ein Setting in den Spieleinstellungen welches Probleme bereitet in gewissen Situationen.

    Ich habe einmal testweise mit den Einstellungen im Spiel herumgetestet und war recht erstaunt vom Ergebnis.

    Selbst bei Minimal Settings, mit 1920x1080 Auflösung komme ich vor der Frostbitten Path Instanz nur auf 35 FPS

    Denke also ehrlich gesagt nicht, dass wir die FPS Anzeige als realistisches Maß für Performance heranziehen können, denn sichtlich limitiert das Spiel die FPS aus irgendeinem Grund (auch wenn man auf 200 Foreground und 200 Background FPS in den Settings hochdreht) sowas wie stable 60 FPS gibts bei SOLO sichtlich nicht, zumindest nicht aktuell, egal wie gut die Hardware.

    Wäre also hilfreich, wenn wir hier einmal Info bekommen könnten, wie wir überhaupt messen sollten.

    Wenn weitere Infos gebraucht werden, bitte um Info, ich häng aktuell mal meinen DxDiag Auszug dran:

    I can just say without permanent edits, any guides and any serious posts are dead for this forum.

    For this case, I would like to add that I am more than happy to update any guides if someone needs a update or an edit. I am already doing this for a couple of guide creators already. You can just reach out to me using the Conversation system here on the forums, or by contacting me on the Discord server. :)

    I appreciate the effort and it's not like I think anyone is throwing stones in peoples way just because they feel like it. I'm very sorry if the tone of my earlier post came off as too aggressive and I did overreact a bit. I'm mostly unhappy with the situation, not with anyone personally. After sitting a good 4 hours in front of a post only to realise that you can't find the edit button anymore is quite rage inducing, especially at 3am in the morning. Not that it is really that important.

    It's sometimes simply not feasible to always ask a mod for help. There are threads that can require constant updates all the time and asking someone 10 times a day is quite the bother for everyone involved, not to mention that I don't want to be the one nagging mods for such things in the first place, as much as I appreciate the offer. Yes those are rather extreme and rare cases, not your average thread.

    I totally agree with some of the posters, there are ways to have workarounds, either making google docs or the like and linking it here or other options, it's just sad for me to see that something that could easily be realised in a forum gets taken down for some arbitrary reason or other.

    As someone who loves to make longer posts, who is a stickler for typos (depending on the post) and who is often updating threads hours or days later, it is simply very frustrating to not have that option.

    I've been a mod myself, even for a much larger forum but I've never encountered any issues because of giving someone the ability to edit their threads. As long as the versioning is working properly all that should be totally fine and would actually mean much less effort than having to run around from thread to thread just to help people edit things.

    That said, whatever the reasons might be, I guess I just move on and adapt. A bit pointless for me to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Hi, as edit is off after some time, I add the posts here one by one. I also noticed that collecting all these infos and making the posts eats up a lot more time than I initially expected. as such making 1 class per day is just not feasible for me sorry. I still gather them all, but likely not a full class every day and more along the lines of 1 every 2 days :)



    • Solitary Light ( Once again I have no idea what this actually does. What does "Sends out all spirit animals" mean exactly? It's your pets, I get that part. It is likely some sort of pet command, I also get that. But what does sending them out actually do? Is it an attack command, a reposition command or move command? Does it work on stationary Pylons? Please clarify. Also some spacing issues.
    • Sky Mending ( Other than spacing issues, I would word it differently, it currently sounds simply bad, like a 10 year old wrote it. Maybe try:

      "Effect: Removes any ongoing crown control effects on you and your spirit animal Mingshi as well as granting immunity against further crowd control effects for 6 seconds."

    • Yang Curse ( I'm not sure what "Reduces the damage Mingshi takes and can force back automatically." is supposed to mean. Maybe something like "and adds a knockback effect to Mingshi's attacks" ? Please clarify.
    • Spirit Dove ( The skill lists one of its effects as "Removes movement restrictions" but doesn't really explain a lot what this means. My guess is, that it removes roots and slows, but if we want to be precise in game terms, a slow is not necessarily a movement restriction, as it does not prevent you from moving. Perhaps add some information in the extended tab specifying what this exactly does in SOLO. On the other hand, it does not list the knockback of enemies in the simple information at all, even though it seems quite an important part. I'd add the knockback information to the non extended and then clarify on what movement restriction means in the extended information. Also spacing issues as usual.
    • Flying Goose ( I understand what the skill is supposed to do, but the word choice is not the best and very roundabout. No one ever uses the term "Slowdown-state" or slowing-rate.

      "Quickly dodge backwards, away from the direction you are currently moving towards.
      If you are currently affected by a slow, the distance of your dodge will be limited according to your movement speed reduction and this skills cooldown increases by 50% after its use."

    Summoner (Nature's Wrath)

    • Racing Fire (, ALT Text Some spacing issues; Perhaps add the information that the buff stacks; Also, the extended (ALT) information is pretty messed up when it comes to formating and sentence structure. I'd recommend rephrasing it into something similar to:

      "Swing your magic wand to cast a Light Orb at a single target dealing x Point(s) of Damage, reducing Y Point(s) of Golden Shell stat in an area and recover 5 Point(s) of Soulforce. Whenever Racing Fire is cast, you recieve a stacking buff, reducing the cast time of Flame Curse by 0.6s. This effect lasts up to 5s."
    • Flame Curse ( Some spacing issues in normal view, bad wording for "Deals damage .. and Y Point(s) Reduce Golden Shell stat to the target..." should be something like "Deals damage and reduces the Golden Shell by Y Point(s) for the target and enemies nearby."
    • Summoning: Stone Pylon ( In my opinion this needs a complete rework. "Summon 1 spirit animal Small Boulder for 18s." That's not a proper english sentence. Also the spirit animal is called Stone Pylon, why would the description say Small Boulder. Also some more information could be nice to have like the actual chance for applying a Breaker Seal. Maybe try something more compact using less redundant sentences for the whole targeting aspects and adding some information that might not be obvious from the current description:

      "Summon 1 stationary Stone Pylon spirit animal to your side for 18s or until you leave the battle. It attacks enemies within 25 metres (20 metres in PvP) prioritizing your currently selected targets. Each attack deals X Point(s) of Damage and has a Z% chance of adding a Breaker Seal to the main target.

      Each summoned Stone Pylon reserves one Nüwa Rune while active and once the spirit animal disappears a cooldown of 15s is triggered before the reserved Nüwa Rune can be used again."
    • Bright Light ( The extended information mentions "Deals 2 levels of X Point(s) Damage ..." but I do not know what the 2 levels are supposed to mean. Please clarify and adapt the text respectively. It does two hits of damage, not related to levels at all. Other than that, the usual spacing issues and a need for a rewording of the Golden Shell damage.
    • Blossom Twinkle ( Mostly formatting issue, but I would combine the two effect texts into one, to have less redundancy. I also don't really get it what you mean by mentioning the whole invisible sight twice. if invisible targets are revealed in makes sense that you can see those revealed invisible targets, unless you refer to invisible targets outside of the Lotus. Please clarify. Also spacing issues.

      "Effect: Place a Luminous Lotus around you, revealing invisible targets in the area and making you able to see invisible targets while standing inside the Luminous Lotus."
    • Phoenix Strike ( Other than some spacing issues and the "Start: 2.96s" that might mean "Channel Time", not sure, I would rephrase the sentence "..also mark the targets with an Seal of the Phoenix effect." into "..also mark the targets with a Phoenix Seal effect." to keep it consistent with its actual name.
    • Golden Feather ( Some very confusing wording and grammatically problematic on top. Might also be nice to define what exactly dizzy does (if its a stun please use stun, many games have a confused or dizzy status that is something totally different) and by how much they are slowed. Maybe try:

      "Summon a Golden Feather spirit animal for 6 seconds, which will attack a selected or nearby enemy.
      Effect: Attacks apply a Feather Seal and slow the target by X%"

      "Feather Seal
      The enemy is tagged with a marker for 5s causing all active attacks against them using <skill list> to affect them with the dizzy status. The dizzy status causes them to <blub here whatever it does because I don't know>
      This effect cannot be triggered again for 35 seconds."
    • Sunset ( The extended ALT information lists the status effect as "dizzy" while the non extended information lists it as a "stun". Please clarify. These two things are in many games different effects.
    • Radiant Mist - Blade Echo ( I'm not sure what this is supposed to do. It raises stats by 10% sure, but I don't get the part about Blade Echo skills. Maybe this gets explained in some later Student tutorial that I haven't seen yet, but it couldn't hurt to make it a bit more clear what it is supposed to do anyways. Especially "Obtained in the instance battle" and "Blade Echo skills" are confusing to me.
    • Radiant Skylight (Astral Blessing, "In the Radiant Skylight stance, the base rate of Stone Pylon and Spirit Beaver's Breaker Seal is increased .." I guess the skill increases the chance for a Breaker Seal to apply, guess wrong word use here as a base rate has nothing to do with a chance to apply the seal. Also the whole part about Excess and Excess Light is very convoluted and confusing. As I'm not sure myself how it really works, I can just ask to look through it again and maybe rewrite it.
    • Goddess Nüwa's Benevolent Blessing (Astral Blessing, "The damage of each level of Bright Light..." what levels are you referring here to? From what I can tell Bright Light has only one level. "The second hit.." Just confirmed here that Bright Light indeed does 2 instances of damage, adding it to the respective Bright Light skill. This means that the "each level of Bright light" should state "each hit of Bright Light" instead to make sense.
    • Goddess Nüwa's Favour (Astral Blessing, "If Mingshi deals damage while in Sunshine state, some 3 Point(s) Soulforce regenerate." Some or other, maybe it regenerates on a sunday between 1am and 3am, but only when the sun is shining ... :) I guess we can scrap that "some" here. Also I'd use "recover" instead of "regenerate", as regenerate would imply a heal over time effect while recover would be instant. For the same reason I find the "regen" tags for all healing effects odd, as many of them don't regenerate, but instead instantly recover HP, but I guess thats mostly subjective.
    • Way of Life (Astral Blessing, What does "chance of damage" mean? Does it increase damage by 15%? Does it increase the chance for a Breaker Seal to be applied? "chance of damage" doesn't make much sense to me.
    • Thousand Trials and Tribulations (Astral Blessing, What spirit animal is this blessing talking about? I found no information about Meteor Explosion summoning any spirit animals, or does it refer to all of your summons?
    • Farewell to the Rain Swan (Astral Blessing, Very thin on information. No duration, no information about what exactly the counter attack does. It would be nice to have some additional information, at least in the extended info tab.
    • Butterfly in the Rain (Astral Blessing, Formatting issue with the Astral Blessing names. Either have Astral colored as well, or don't color Astral Blessing and only color the actual blessings name, but having Blessing colored and Astral white seems inconsistent.

    Summoner (Nüwa's Blessing)

    • Healing Light ( "... only effects 1 target" should be "..only affects" or "only has an effect on" ; Some spacing issues, "If the target reaches a full stack of .." I would either use the wording "If the target reaches full stacks" (because a full stack would just be 1 stack and the point is to reach 3 of them) or specify the amount like "If the target reaches 3 stacks of.."
      For the Origin damage skill I would capitalize and color Primal Force to make it obvious that this is a seperate skill. Also spacing issues.
    • Whirling River ( Could you please clarify if "You also receive 25% less damage from players" is really You as in the caster (I somehow doubt it) or if this applies to the target of the spell as well?
    • Heavy Mist ( The skill description doesn't make much sense as it is currently. My guess what it does and should say is: "Nearby allies which are affected by Healing Mist instantly regain 70% of the spells leftover healing amount."
      You can probably formulate that even better than I did, but I hope you get the idea.
    • Blazing Sun ( A lot of "casting time" words mixed up that should actually be "channel time". "Start" should also be channel time. "While channeling, up to 10 team members receive the Blazing Sun effect. The duration increases as long as this skill is channeled." ; Also spacing issues as usual.
    • Soothing Daylight ( "Every other restoration in the healing circle" not sure about the meaning, Maybe it's a heal over time that has a very odd explanation? I would also rephrase the "shield regenerates by X Point(s) each second." into something that avoids players misunderstanding the shield as a heal over time. "Every second you gain a shield X Point(s) strong" or something similar, to specify it explicitly as a shield.
    • Floral Cloak ( Seems like the info about 20% less mana in PvP is added twice. It would also be nice to have some actual values for Mana recovered. 20% less of what?
    • Breeze ( The "Requires: In Battle" can really be written as "Can only be used during combat." to make it look way less awkward; Some spacing issues too.
    • Orchid Scent ( "... there is a 8% chance ..." Typo, should be "an 8% chance" ; Spacing issues.
    • Aroma Therapy ( "..use Blade Echo against fatally wounded.." should be "..use Blade Echo on fatally wounded.." ; the whole Summoning:Tiger skill confuses me, is summon tiger not a skill you get either way, why does the description sound as if you have a choice? Some spacing issues.
    • Sun Mirror Flowers (Astral Blessing, Please rephrase the part about the healing when attacking. The extended information doesn't make much sense. What attack buffs are they converting? What healing effect that is affecting the proportion of their HP?
    • Moluo: Protection (Astral Blessing, "While the skill is in cooldown..." should be "While the skill is on cooldown.." ; Spacing issues.
    • Clouds Opening (Astral Blessing, Please specify what healing effect exactly gets enhanced.
    • Blossom (Astral Blessing, "Moluo takes on a red blue, .." Umm okay. I take a green yellow! Someone going for purple pink? :) Could be a typo meaning red hue? As in the spirit animal changes color? Just a guess not sure. As Perfume already gives red, it could be "takes on a blue color" instead.

      For the blossom effects: "You lift the target's debuff.." should either be "You lift a debuff on a target.." or maybe "You lift all debuffs on a target" whatever it does, but I guess the former. ; "..gains immunity to slowing" should probably be "..gains immunity to slow effects" ; "Increases the target's healing buff received" not sure what this is supposed to mean, but I guess it should be something like "Increases the target's healing received from Moluo by .." increasing a buff received doesn't really work.
    • Perfume (Astral Blessing, "Effect: In battle" again, sounds odd. also there is no mastery level, just a mastery attribute. I would remove the effect and go for something like "While in combat, increases you Mastery attribute and ..."

    I can just say without permanent edits, any guides and any serious posts are dead for this forum.

    I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I won't waste my time searching through threads with dozens or hundreds of posts, or rely on some moderator help 10 times a day because the initial post cannot be edited after days for such threads. Saying something like that should be done "off-site" is crazy to me and I'm likely not the only one who will not be interested to adding even more time on top of the already large amount it takes to make and keep such a thread updated

    The whole point of a forum is to have long, and long lasting content. If all I can do here is a quick 2 liner, I might as well go to discord or similar. What forums excel in compared to discord is collecting and structuring content, like guides and the like. Preventing that feature for assumed security issues is just silly.

    There is no benefit not being able to edit a post. As some have already mentioned, there are always version histories if necessary, and people who post malicious things, can do that no matter if there is an edit button or not.

    I guess this is about the area quest events where you get a certain quest (mostly kill tasks) for a certain area and once you enter it you get a message and once you exit it you also get a message, as well as when you complete the quest you also have a message with such a popup style on the screen.

    Awesome work! What is this golden shell stat that I constantly see along with the skill attribute damage?

    From what I can tell (and I don't know precisely myself) it's some boss or enemy mechanic. They might have some sort of innate shield and likely once the shield is down you deal more damage or will be able to do other nasty things to enemies. Maybe it reduces damage, maybe it prevents enemies from being crowd controlled. I simply don't know and can only guess, but it seems to go off in that sort of direction.

    Alright, instead of having little tidbits in a bazillion different threads let's get it all nice and summarized in a single thread. As this gets rather long, please understand that it will take me a while to gather it all (I will try for 1 class a day). I will add a WIP (Work in progress) text to list what is not done yet. I'm going through all class skills. As such every class that doesn't have a WIP listed should already be checked. If you notice anything missing from the completed ones just throw it in the thread and I will add it. Thanks!

    ALL SKILL TRANSLATION ISSUES (I will not mention these every single time for every class skill)

    • Uninterrupted ( Does not really explain what it does. Please either list it as "Can (not) be interrupted by damage" or something that actually makes sense
    • Start ( My best guess is that it's supposed to mean "Channel Time" as Autumn Water (and similar skills) are channeled skills
    • Smash Golden Shell ( Either translate it in a way for it to actually mean something, or properly explain it somewhere. Golden Shell and Golden Shell stat doesn't tell the players anything at all, perhaps consider something like "Overcome /Break (a target's) Defenses" Also needs an extra space between the Smash Golden Shell text and its Type (Low etc)
    • Enemy effect / Effect ( Needs an extra space between the effect information and the actual effect text
    • Spellforce (possible other resources) consumption skills ( Needs a space after the resource
    • Upgraded to level 2 ( Perhaps consider changing this to something like Skill upgraded to Level 2 at Beginner XYZ, including proper spaces in between.
    • Untranslated (Recommendation?) Boxes ( Not sure what those are supposed to be, I guess it is some sort of recommendations, you find it with every class


    • Origami Realm ( Please add some information that this is a teleport to an instanced map. Most players have no idea what it even does in the first place



    • Calm Down Everyone (Talent, Not sure what "The Immune to Control effect goes together with the ability to release yourself." is supposed to mean. It reminds me of going to the toilet, but I guess that's not the intended meaning.
    • Oven of Life ( I don't know what the original text would say, but I don't think that the word "presented" is the right choice here. Also spacing issue.
    • Strutting Silver Pheasant ( " the direction of movement." just sounds wrong. Maybe use something like "Quickly dodge in the direction you are moving towards."
    • Desert Ice ( Extended (Alt) Skill information mentions "Condensation,.." which doesn't make much sense in this context without any additional text.
    • Snow Memorial ( Some grammar issues, "One of the famous settings in Taihua, the Platform of Trials..." ; also "every annual PvP tournament." in a lore text is very strange, there should be no gaming terms in lore text in my opinion. Also spacing stuff.
    • Quick Notes ( Some spacing issues

    Bard (Dissonance)

    • Autumn Water ( Typo, It should be "Cast" the skill ; Some issues with spacing for effects, range, attribute damage
      "Damage on every level cast" Doesn't make any sense, not sure what you mean by that ; The translation of "level" in general in this case doesn't make sense. It is a skill that applies multiple instances of damage over the time of the skill effect, with each instance dealing damage. This is unrelated to any level. Applies to both the regular skill text as well as the extended skill text shown with holding Alt key.

      The guqin music of the Shu School sounds pure and clear, just like the heart of the Dao. When Zhenren Nanxun was a child, this was his favourite method perfect for sorrow and joy alike.

      "...perfect for sorrow and joy alike" what is that supposed to mean? Perfect for both sorrowful and joyful times alike perhaps?
    • Wildfire ( Same as Autumn Water "Damage on every level cast" Doesn't make any sense, not sure what you mean by that ; The translation of "level" in general in this case doesn't make sense. It is a skill that applies multiple instances of damage over the time of the skill effect, with each instance dealing damage. This is unrelated to any level. Applies to both the regular skill text as well as the extended skill text shown with holding Alt key.
    • Black River Dragonsong ( Level 2 needs a space between level and 2, same for effects, golden shell and range, but I listed those as problems for pretty much all skills already. Issues with spacing between Attribute and Damage. "The Black River marker" should be translated as "A Black River marker" because it has never been mentioned before. Also please mention somewhere what the Frostbite State is and does.
    • Conflagration ( What is the Flamebite State? Not mentioned anywhere. What are non character units? Enemy Units? NPC's ? Just environmental boxes? NPCs are also characters, just not player characters.
    • Firesong ( Some spacing issues
    • Note Melody ( Some spacing issues
    • Angry Thunderclap ( What is the Thundering Sky effect? Conflagration as a Skill name should be highlighted in a different color to keep it identical to the other skills like Black River Dragonsong; You sometimes use spray damage, sometimes AoE damage etc. please keep it consistent. In this situation, the "spray" part can be removed, as you already mention that it is "damage to nearby enemies"; Missing spacing between Conflagration and Base spray damage in the non-extended skill information.
    • Epic Mirrorheart ( What is my own attribute? It mentions "the same attribute as yours" My best guess is that it's your current state, but it is written in a confusing way. Why not use the same definitions as everywhere else and use "depending on your current elemental state" Other than that some spacing issues.
    • Five Spirits Formation ( Some spacing issues
    • Icy Melody ( Some spacing issues
    • Gentle Thunder ( "Removes your crowd control" That's not what it does, it does not remove a crowd control effect you cast, it removes crowd control effects on you, maybe use something like "removes any crowd control effects on you" ; Some spacing issues
    • Yin & Yang: Start ( The description of "If the target's Golden Shell gets smashed, .." is very confusing. Let's ignore for a moment, that Golden Shell itself doesn't really get explained properly in the first place, but it's actually not what the skill does. You don't want to use it to smash a Golden Shell, you want to use it on targets that already have a smashed shell. The extended information is a bit better in this regard, but it would be better if the non extended information could be adapted as well. Maybe use "If the target has a smashed Golden Shell" if you seriously want to stick to this smashing golden shell term or maybe something like "If the target lacks protection from their Golden Shell" ; Also some spacing issues.
    • Blade Echo ( Some spacing issues
    • Rupturing Starfire ( Some spacing issues
    • Hoarfrost City (Astral Blessing, "Basic actions change to <Skillnames> with water attribute" sounds odd. How about "Your basic actions <Skillnames> are treated as water attribute attacks" ; "The duration of the freezing and rooting effects ..." should be "The duration of freezing and rooting effects ..." ; "(and halved for the player)" should be "(and similar effects inflicted on the player are halved)"
    • Double Brightness (Astral Blessing, Same as above with Hoarfrost City, I would rewrite the "...with a fire attribute." Part into "...are treated as fire attribute attacks." ; I think "Crit" can really be written as "Critical". The little bit of text space saved doesn't make a big difference here and it looks a lot better ; "Instead, you immediately recover ..." instead of what? Theres some grammar issue here.
    • Five-Spirit Damage Spell (Astral Blessing, "crit hit" should be spelled out as "critical hit" ; "Inferno" should be highlighted to keep it in line with the other colored skills
    • Spell of Transience (Astral Blessing, "Channelling" should be written with just one l
    • Wise Attitude (Astral Blessing, "During damage assessment, ..." what is damage assessment exactly? ; "2 stacks of the Black River effect can be transformed into ..." What does can be transformed actually mean? Are they automatically used up as if you had 4 stacks, or do you click something or do something to achieve that. The word 'can' here infers that you have a choice of what to do when at 2 stacks and my guess is that you don't have a choice. Might be a misunderstanding on my part about the blessing though. Some spacing issue.
    • Strings of Shang (Astral Blessing, "Mastery increases .." I would specify it to avoid confusion with the general term of mastering something "Your Mastery Attribute increases..." ; "Icy Melody: Ego is no longer immune ..." either use "During Icy Melody: Ego you are no longer immune .." or perhaps "Icy Melody: Ego no longer makes you immune" ; Some spacing issues.
    • Lightning Bolt (Astral Blessing, The skill uses the term Gold Attribute while in other cases Metal Attribute is used; Some spacing issues.
    • Pentatonic Harmony (Astral Blessing, "Reduces the casting time of Note Melody is reduced by 50%, while its damage increases by 40%" redundant text, probably error with editing. Might use "Reduces the casting time of Note Melody by 50%, while increasing its damage by 40% at the same time."; Some spacing issues.

    Bard (Harmony)

    • Ornamental Orchid ( Some spacing issues. I would rewrite the part in the lore blurb. "So he played such a clear melody to express the striving of a true man." Doesn't sound good to me. I'm not a teacher and I'm not even sure if this is grammatically correct, but even if it is, it sounds pretty horrible and doesn't even make sense.
    • Natural Harmony ( " converted into shield" should be " converted into a shield"; Some spacing issues.
    • Sun of Spring ( "Area group unit" sounds odd, not sure what you want to tell the player with this. Maybe something like "Area wide" ? ; "Imposes the Autumnsong buff on .." I think this should be a "debuff" as it is not a helpful effect. You could probably also describe it as a damage over time effect.
    • Echo ( This just looks like it is missing part of the skill description completely. It is a passive but when does it trigger and for how long? If it's a permanent passive, why would there be an effect that extends its duration if there is no mention of an initial duration. Please check this, as it looks odd.
    • Sitting on Waves ( "In the delay state, speed is reduced .." What is a delay state? Perhaps use "While this effect is active ..."
    • Bamboo in the Snow ( Please add the description of what the skill actually does not just in the extended description, it makes it really confusing and there is more than enough space for the description.
    • Notes and Dao of Music: Achieve ( Please think of a proper name for this skill. It sounds horrendous; "Continously restores 70% of your mana..." This makes people think it restores 70% in one go per tick. Maybe use "Restores 70% of your mana over its duration..."
    • Spring Orchid (Astral Blessing, "..there is a x% probability" Chance is the occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause. It is, simply, the possibility of something happening. When the chance is defined in mathematics, it is called probability "..there is a x% chance"
    • Soulmate (Astral Blessing, "The High Mountains shield value..." It should either be "High Mountains shield value" or "The shield value of High Mountains" ; Some spacing issues
    • Change of Strings (Astral Blessing, "The healing effect and buff..." You're referring to a single heal and buff. Which one? I guess you are talking about all effects used by the caster, as such I'd rewrite it as "Your healing spells and buffs have a 2.5% increased effect for every 10% of your missing Mana"

    Summoner WIP

    There are various options to create / rename and adapt the chat channel tabs. Part of the modify options is a list of all available chat channels with checkboxes to select what chat should be filtered in the respective tab.

    The problem with them is, that if you checkmark them and then simply leftclick back out, it doesn't save them properly.

    I have not figured out what exactly saves the selection (rightclick perhaps?) but there is no such thing as "submit" or "save" at the bottom and just clicking somewhere in the world after selecting something does not properly save the selections / checked options.

    To give an example:

    The start of the game, the first few levels up to about beginner 10, are somewhat decently translated. While there are errors, for the most part, it is making sense and the story fits together.

    Up until quests for Beginner Level 6 (as a bard, only looking at skills I already got) I already found the following issues:


    Rapid Healing (Elixir):

    …every time you resurrect the Dragonstar# resurrect at the Dragonstar ?

    General Stuff: “Smash Golden Shell” # whats that supposed to mean really?


    Autumn Water:

    Uninterrupted # Can be interrupted? Cannot be interrupted? Not sure what it wants to tell us

    Start: 1.5s # channel time?

    Case the skill and inflict water attribute damage on the target. # cast

    Damage on every level cast # huh?

    Strutting Silver Pheasant:

    Fast dodge in the direction of movement. # Quickly dodge in the direction you are moving towards ?

    Calm Down Everyone (Talent):

    *The Immune to Control effect goes together with the ability to release yourself # Uh .. what?


    All the instance "Practice" level difficulties are called "Drill" at the Gateways when entering, but Practice in all quest texts. Should be identical, whatever the choice for it is.


    <Mohist Haocang>

    Questtext Title: Deliverer: Haocang # Haocang should be the one you end up at not the one going there, as such he is not a “Deliverer” This is not just related to this single quest but a general mistranslation. My guess is it is supposed to be “Deliver to” or maybe the questgiver

    Questtext: You are a young student of . # missing description here

    <Collecting Sword Intent / Across the Floating Bridge>

    (He indicated that you should check your Sword Intent) # I doubt sword intent is something that one can “check”, maybe something that one can “Master” .. get enlightened in etc.

    <From the Sword Sanctum>

    When using the Portal “Telepathising# That word is totally made up and doesn’t exist

    <Taihua in Danger>

    Zhenren Nanxun: If that’s true, then this is no ordinary attack. And we don’t know where the master is, and the seal been strengthened yet either… # ‘has not been strengthened yet either’ ? Not sure what she wants to tell us

    Haocang: … and the Taihua instance # I’ve seen the word instance used several times now and it seems like this is a mistranslation. Maybe it is supposed to mean something like “place” or some sort of name for a location. Instance might work for a game term but not in a general way of speaking for a place, perhaps they are talking about “Mountain”

    <Arrival in the Valley of a Hundred Grasses> # at, it is used as a name for a place here arriving at a place

    Main Character: I am honoured by your faith, Valley Master Ying. # honoured by your faith in me, by your trust in me ..

    <High Quality Yellow Soulstone>

    Ying Qing: I have a healing past for my spirit animal here… # paste ? perhaps ointment ?

    <Back to the Memorial>

    Hai Zhouzi: Yes. I fear there is connection between these two events. # .. there is a connection between..

    <To Cloudrise I>

    Lushu: It’s quite windy up there…

    Main character: It’s tiring # The answer doesn’t make much sense to me

    <Flight to Cloudrise>

    Chat / Overworld Text: The Bladeheart Ancestor seems to be in trouble. When you arrive in the Yaotian Palace .. # at

    <Qin League>

    Cutscene, Mohist Grandmaster: The Taihua instance is very important …

    <Ancient Langhuan Scroll>

    Lilane: Plague Goddess … and the Blightbeast on top of that… Is the global conflagration of seventy years ago repeating itself…? # not sure if conflagration is an intentional word here. It’s confusing

    Lilane: The Bladeheart has been damaged for years and we’re … # has been in a damaged state ? Also the other part about the Soulforce being unstable is confusing. If Soulforce is the power of the soul, I would expect that the soul might disappear and not the soulforce. Then later they are talking about sword spirits .. terms and definitions get mixed and matched differently from one paragraph to the next.

    <Three Old Sword Fellows / Kunwuzi and the Sword Spirits>

    Su Jie: Have you forgotten that he has been travelling for a long time and hasn’t been heard from for a while now? # …hasn’t been heard of for a while…

    Lilane: (He blinks at Kunwuzi and rubs his wrist.) # I guess Lilale is still female.

    Charging the bar while meditating: Helping Master Kunwuzi heal the Ancestors # should be a single spirit/item not plural, also doesn’t Kunwuzi help the Maincharacter and not the other way round?

    <Solid Bladeheart>

    Main Character: But I am still unable to feel the voice of the .. # I know fantasy and all that, but you hear a voice, if we want to go full fantasy, maybe the Main character can feel the Bladeheart fragments Soulforce/Spirit or something, but I’m pretty sure you can only hear a voice, no matter if its telepathy or hearing it physically.

    Mo Zhi: (He..) # Isn’t that a girl? Because the pronouns are wrong again

    Kunwuzi: Luckily some of them are stored in Cloudrise. # ..some of them can be found in Cloudrise. You can store something in a warehouse in Cloudrise, but in this context it makes no sense to store something in a city directly.

    <Treating the Symptoms not the Cause>

    Tang Kan: (all he does is suck in air and some sound)

    Maincharacter: What does that mean, is it so difficult to get these ingredients? # What the heck, he just sucked in air and that’s what our main character interprets from this single noise. Call it nitpicking on my end but answering some inner monologue that hasn’t been said or written in any way is confusing the reader.

    <Ravenous Crystal Tigers> ~ Beginner Lvl 6

    Kinghui: Here you go. Two pieces of the Phoenix Breath Jade are yours. Oh and if you ever need your weapons polishing and restoring, just come to me. # polished and restored, or maybe sharpened and repaired ? I don’t think restoring is the typical word used when going to a blacksmith to fix a weapon.


    Now that's just up to beginner level 6 and as mentioned, it's some of the best parts of the translation

    Let's take some other part as an example:

    <Introduction to Pets> Lvl 14

    Kunwuzi: It has linked your spirit to the Sunsword, and broken through the barrier... # What barrier? My guess is that they talk about how they have overcome some cultivation barrier, but the way its worded is just making people confused.

    Kunwuzi: Have you never heard 'The body is the form, the appearance is the magic'? ... # Um honestly, nope, it doesn't exactly sound like thats translated in a way that makes much sense

    Kunwuzi: If the ancient Sword SPirit is damaged, you can use a special technique to preserve the Bladeheart's Soulforce. Then if a Sword Spirit hits someone with the same attitude, the Sword Spirit can resume its form again. # Ok please completely rephrase and explain it in a way a normal human con understand it. What's this about "hitting" someone with the same attitude .. ? Something similar to 'Of like mind' ? Meeting someone with the same attitude? Back to the translators drawing board, seriously.

    Kunwuzi: The soul core of the Sunsword is not stable yet, and you still haven't achieved the Magic Horn of Understanding. # what Horn?

    Mo Zhi: gets treated as a Boy again # pronouns!

    Kunwuzi: If you take good care of him... # All along my Sunsword Fragment/Ancestor had a female voice, now Kunwuzi adresses it/her as a male. Guess thats mixed up too

    Kunwuzi: And the pet is influenced by the Bladeheart's damage. # another odd way of phrasing that the pet/sword fragment is still damaged

    <Feed the Pet>

    Kunwuzi: Your pet is still weak, but if you take good care of him, he will gradually build up his reserves of strength. # sword shardy is female :( .. also the following paragraphs do the same, so I won't mention it any more unless theres other issues as well.

    Kunwuzi: As you collect more pets, they will slowly remember more skills... # I don't get it, my bladeheart fragment is my pet, what is this about more pets all of a sudden? Does he talk about the pet able to gain various types of looks? It's not like I get more pet bladeheart fragments all of a sudden. Not sure if this is a mistranslation or if the quest text doesn't really make much sense even in the original.

    <Come back! Pet Skill>

    Kunwuzi: I see you have already created a pet who is upgrading your skills. # Umm nope, I have upgraded my pet's skills. That's a big difference.


    It goes on like this with many of the quests, especially the ones that are supposed to explain mechanics, in the end confusing people quite a bit. All of this was just a short dip into the translation and I'm neither super critical, nor is my english at a level where I would be able to properly edit things.

    The point of all this is .. there is still a lot to adapt for the translation. Just telling players who inform you about the quality of the translation to let you know about every single mistake, while it would be understandable if it were some typos here and there, is really not feasible at the moment. If they point out every single thing, they spend more time pointing out mistranslations rather than being able to play the game.

    It should be redone pretty much completely.

    If you have examples (like the person above), we will be happy to forward to our localization department and revise them.

    Sorry to say but this is by itself the problem.

    1) Most players don't speak both Chinese and whatever language it was translated into. They cannot know what is wrong with the translation or what it should be translated into, they will just know that the words and story doesn't make any sense whatsoever and at best make some educated guesses to what the characters might want to tell us.

    2) The translation is too bad overall, just a tidbit here and there is not enough to get it straightened out and players are really not supposed to work over a good 30-50% of your text .. a job that someone was likely paid and didn't do the translation properly. Asking players to do that job is basically the same as asking them to invest several hours days and even weeks (for free?!) into something they don't even know will be taken seriously or corrected.

    3) Ignoring the whole point about 1) and 2) .. for players who want to go the extra mile, if you seriously intend to fix things .. what medium should they use to send the feedback. Because a forum post (or several) won't be enough for that kind of text amount.