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    Maybe they aren't troll enpough to be dealt with?

    they keep all 3 attacking the rank 1 in gold in EU as a scammer even tho he has sold a lot of Crimson coins to get that gold anyways and keep attacking him with racial slurrs and call anyone that calls them out, a scammer too.Seeing the wordlchat daily with racial slurs and false scamm accusations just is annoying and I know I can block them but that doesn't solve the problem

    youre overdramatic,there are tons of mmos that are surviving for years with 3k concurent players,this one has 5x the population or more,we cant rly see numbers from GF or Epic games.Raid dropping gear once a week and being rng is normal and the standart in any MMO

    Its difficult to say "fix your servers", because most of the lagg is coming mostly from your routing to the server. And this, is something GF or the company who is responsible for the server/network there, can't really do much about. Thats something for your provider then and the chance is high, that they just say "we can't do much either" because they need to fix up their shitty, overbooked switches.

    Of course there are several facts that needs to be checked/considered to even see where the issue is.

    Then why did GF make Solo not detectable by EXITLAG which fixes routing issues?

    On the roadmap it's said that new dungeons will arrive on Q4 2021.

    I think this is wayyy too late very soon not many will be running the same 5 dungeons cause everyone will have the gear already.

    We need new dungeons and new gears earlier than later like new content every 2-3months that will take atleast 1-2months to finish would be best.

    Currently I'm pretty much gonna be max geared next reset and many are maxed out already this week.

    Hope we will get enough pve dungeon/raid content to keep us interested cause I'm already getting a bit bored.

    And please make sure the raids are hard!

    Nobody likes easy raids.

    This game is the first good Chinese MMO that's coming out in the west.

    It would be nice if we would have the equivalent of WoW Mythic+ raiding or FF14 ultimate raiding,this would attract streamers to showcase clears of very hard raids and overall earn this game some respect for having challenging content

    Im sure I'm not the only one that is experiencing weird ping spikes or straight up lag.My provider is Vodafone and I live in germany,I should be close to the servers so my ping should be in the 20-30 STABLE,in other games like League of Legends my ping is on a stable 31 not moving at all.

    On this game my ping is fucking drunk.Sometimes its 24 sometimes its 32 sometimes it jumps every few seconds between 30-50 sometimes up to 90 then today i had the rare occurance of having constant over 300ping while i had 30ping on league(went into league customs and tested out my ping to them) did multiple ping tests and all showed low latency.

    Now my question is what the fuck is going wrong with the routing here?? Please fix it