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    These reasons and some more are why I'm stopping too at 400 hours played.

    I'll go back to gw2 for now - see ya later when archer is out if the game is alive.

    They already said no new content will be coming for some months too..

    "With patch version 1.0.7 we’ll add the remaining 2 raids – Ice World and Ruins of Nuowu – into the world of Shenzhou. This will mark the last addition of normal type raids into our game for the next couple of months - from now on, the difficulty will go up!"

    Only increased difficulties..

    Having a wife and a kid my time is kinda limited. What you're suggesting needs lots of time.

    I got a refund of coins - gonna see if they can refund me the money.

    just buy something else??

    u wil charge money sooner or later anyways, when new battlepass comes out.

    I don't know to be honest. I'm getting kinda worned out, most of my friends stopped, huge queues on pvp, premades on bgs, the same thing to do every day and I don't have the class I want to play (archer). There is a chance I'll stop soon and maybe start again at a later time if it's still alive. Will see. The worse thing is not enjoying the pvp since I'm a pvp player mostly.

    I queue on 3v3 as 2400 rating and I enter 10 minutes later against some 3k rating team with a bard 3.7k rating..

    Bgs If I get lucky and it's not a premade against me I mostly win but most of the times it's a premade.

    World pvp? It's full of reds - I'm blue.. I'm getting ganked. What's the point even for 2 writs..

    Let's not even get on the topic of bers and bards.

    I've even seen premades of different guilds. How do I know they were premade? They were maplesong fighters (2800 rating+) and I've met the same team on 2 bgs... So much fun fighting a group of 63-65ilvl pvp players with randoms.. I stayed close to my spawning spot and whoever was coming close to spawn kill the noobs I was killing - I was insta getting healed from the spawn spot too - didn't wanna give them the satisfaction of killing me..

    Oh the bliss when one of them was getting away from their healers being cocky and almighty only to die a few seconds later under my burst..

    Most ppl are getting fed up with the premades, we mostly join for the daily and that's it.

    Im also getting fed up with the 3v3 queue.. I'm 2400 rating and Im being matched against 3700 players...


    I was waiting for the phoenix mount and didn't expect it to come this early and I insta bought it. I believe its model should be reduced. It's kinda huge and even when flying I can hardly see below me. On cities I feel like I'm a raid boss or something. If 2-3 phoenix's gather you can't see anything. I'm playing on 2560x1440 and my screen is a 32', I can't even imagine how it must look for ppl with smaller screens.

    I was expecting a more compact model to be honest. If it cannot be reduced, is it possible to receive a refund?


    you're the wall though.

    we will get the ue4 at 1.5 years.

    Im only going back and forth on faction wars, my ping stays stable at 48 ms and fps at 50 or so but I keep teleporting... Let's not talk about moving and suddenly you die then 50 ppl appear above you cause they wouldn't load for some reason...

    If fortune works for dungeon why wouldn't it work for raid too?

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    You can increase your chances of getting MORE loot from the dungeon by increasing your Fortune.

    You can see that in your Character menu by pressing "Show more stats" and selecting it from under Other Attributes.


    There are lots of ways to do this, but here is some notable ways which I remember off of the top of my head.

    Permanent for your character:

    • Collecting all of the Spirit Colours for the Achievement "Our World" (Y > Heroic > Record) and obtain the Riot of Colour. Gives +18 Fortune.
    • Purchase the Mask of Sadness and Joy from the Leisureland NPC in Cloudrise (Yaotian Palace). Gives +6 Fortune.

    Buffs which are temporary:

    • Using 3 Kois (obtained from Fishing Event) on someone before looting the dungeon. This also gives you a chance to get +1, +2 and +3 rolls on gear.
    • Completing your Jade Helper Scroll each week to receive the Pro Mentor Buff, lasts 7 days. Gives +28 Fortune.
    • Using Mentor Book, purchased from the Mentor NPC 'Tang Che' in Cloudrise (Yaotian Palace), lasts 7 days. Gives +10 Fortune.
    • On your daily check-in, you can roll an "Insight" buff which gives you a bonus of Fortune. You can reroll this by using Lucky Bells which you can purchase from the Attendance Vendor which is next to the Stash NPC in Cloudrise.(Lotus Terrace).