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    Hate to break your spirit, it is actually 100% accurate. Some how you miraculously missed the most obvious part of the picture of what you, yourself quoted.

    As you can see from the quote of Frostwolf that again, you so ambitiously posted. It has absolutely nothing to do with complaining about the jail system. I don't know how you got complaining out about the jail system regarding what he said, you may want to read over it again to make sure you understood him, without quickly typing up something.

    Not to be rude, but this is basic sentence structure. Right after the period, Frostwolf begins a new sentence that specifically says:


    While being in prison I met many others who voiced similar concerns to those of mine.

    In-case you still don't understand Frostwolf's clear sentence (optional read):

    While he was in prison (while he was jailed) he met others who voiced similar concerns for what's stated throughout this entire thread. If you still don't know what the concern is mainly about, it's about the tedious debuffs.

    Being jailed is fine, we're expected to do our time for our crime, much like you would in real life. Games like Age of Wushu and ArcheAge do this very well, but they don't debuff you and constantly incapacitate your character every second just for "switching on the mode" - and Negative Qi rates are high.

    *If you haven't read it, Frostwolf replied relevantly the same thing to you above :D*

    Nice try though!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by on a personal-level, as I've only answered the questions he asked me directly, with some if not most reference the PK community.
    2. The scales of power in this debate? I'm not sure what you mean by that, I am simply responding to his questions and his points that I disagreed with. The only assumptions made were based on his responses and were based on him. Everything else were based reputable sources and people with experience, so I'm not sure where you got the idea that our debate was soley based on assumptions, that I would disagree on.
    3. You're right I could have exposed his contradictions without resorting the same instruments, and you are entitled to your own opinions on my way of justifying things. Why didn't I result to something different? I wasn't thinking more politely at the time and indeed it was wrong of me; I can sometimes be overly passive aggressive, not everyone is perfect, including me unfortunately. Also, I wouldn't go so far to say I was toxic, but I guess that's just my opinion.

    On the other note, yeah the CN/TW players of course are technically more punished due to having to spend money for game time, so they would practically refrain from PVPing unless they absolutely wanted to.

    from what I seen in this topic . PK players sound so much matture than thier counters. its funny to watch people crying over a features they dont even have to take a part of . PVP in solo is optional , you never have to die and even if you do , you are still losing nothing compare to PK guy who will go trough hell just for 3 min of fun

    I disagree. Some problems I could see being a hypothetically issue is the small evil qi cap I've heard about. People could PVP in groups, possibly large ones. Will have to wait and see how people act weeks after launch when there are plenty of people at the cap. Right now, most haven't reached the cap. Groups could mitigate or compensate for the evil qi debuffs by doing so and be largely unkillable except against mass counter organization. And the problem with that is they could have reached the max evil qi in 10 minutes only for them to rampage for hours or a whole day with no further penalties. Maybe if you party up while rampaging, the max evil qi penalty could be capped at something higher than 150? Like maybe 300 or 250?

    I think someone here in this thread earlier also brought up a very good point about the system. And it's that the Chinese version is differently balanced towards the meaning of it's punishment despite the penalty being technically the same. What does 9 hours to a North American player mean? It means go to sleep in some instances and wake up with no penalty. To a Chinese player, I don't even know if they could AFK the penalty away (anti indulgence penalties in China for example). Even if they could AFK, they'd have to pay 9 hours worth of Pay to play because they pay by the minute when they play the game. My suggestion for this in mind would be too randomly kick AFK'ers in jail specifically so you can't IRL sleep your death ban away for 8 or 9 hours.

    I agree that these hypothetical problems could cause an issue, 100%. I haven't heard that AFKing simply gives you Good Qi, all I know is that you need to quests to gain Good Qi back.

    Luckily it's only hypothetical, realistically no one would form large groups and PK innocent players days on end, if players don't pose a challenge and they're just instantly killing them, then those PKers are gaining Negative Qi for no reason and are most likely going to spend quite along time in the in-game jail.

    Nobody in their right mind will form huge PK groups unless its a special case such as our PK event which is on the last day of CBT where we wont experience the heavy punishments, it's literally a one off case.

    I'm not the one making it into a big situation... But okay, if you say so?

    We're dealing with it and we're "protesting" to have the restrictions lessened, if not then at least we tried? We aren't going to whine if they don't change it, then we have to deal with it not being changed. We're still going to PK, some players will attack the "innocent" players, some players will attack the players attacking the "innocent" players. So again, what are you even talking about here?

    Yes I have considered you contradicting yourself that I may be misunderstanding, but after several look overs and conflicts, I still remain at that my original assumption and seeming fact that you're just inexperienced with PKing and don't understand the outcomes of it. If you want to know why the thread exists, go back to the original post and read it, I would have assumed by now you know what the thread exists.

    Good you can support that point all you like, similarly to anyone else who wants to side with your point, fantastic! This is what a debate is. You keep mentioning that "If we agree that attacking players who have no interest in PKing then we have no reason to debate", I already said that I have my own reasons for PKing similar to what AdventureApe's values were and if my friends or guild call for help. There is a debate still present, which not I, but you have missed the mark on, which is again the believed heavy punishments put onto a player, simply just by going into the mode. You made many of your own points, I debunked them to the best of my ability, and now hopefully we can return to the actual point.

    To summarise, you brought up your own points, ignored the original, I and others argued about you with your out-of-context points which we also had an opinion on, and now back to the original.

    I've already answered whether I agree or disagree with it both in this and prior posts plural. And of course it matters, that's the point of a debate.

    But no worries, thanks for participating and you're welcome.

    This thread is a circle-jerk between two factions that clearly don't see eye to eye. Name calling doesn't make your point any more valid and/or giving it more substance.

    Also, herding up against someone who doesn't share your opinion, regardless of of their opinion being "right" or "wrong" is not okay. Period. This thread is in its essence the pot calling the kettle black.

    It's a forum, it's not herding up. You put your views out there, expect them to be challenged, similarly to how we put our views out there, and they are being challenged. Especially when it's deemed to be assumed that the responses are nonsense from a player that assumingly doesn't understand what they are typing let alone what others are typing (the assumptions are based on countless responses that make no sense and don't add up, with contradictions left right and centre).

    It's okay to have a debate, the name calling from my end is strictly there to expose contradictions and hypocrisy when he himself does it to others, it's not there to give it validation or more substance, no one said it was there for that anyway; it's how I like to justify things. If the responses are genuine and actually make sense, then they are replied to in whatever manner someone deems to reply to someone.


    1. You're free to be-leive whatever you want. lol

    Yes I know, thank you for reminding me.


    2. It doesn't matter which method you use to avoid raging lunatics on a killing spree. Log out, safe zone. This point two is clearly just filler material to make the text longer.



    3. Confusing, You call me inexperienced pvp (with zero evidence, just hunches), But how can i be inexperienced if i enjoy pvp? Why are there so many personal attacks on me rather than the subject of the topic?

    You enjoy controlled PVP, you complain about uncontrolled PVP (a.k.a PKing). Again no one said you didn't enjoy PVP, you imply that you despise PKing probably due to a bad experience? No idea.

    The subject of the topic has been addressed both before and during the "personal attacks", dont try to victimise yourself when you're also attacking people also. Nice try though.


    4. What if i (or the player who was pk'ed) Didn't consider the Pk'ers amusement to be worth losing the buff? No matter how cheap it was. What if i don't consider the "little" durability i lost to be worth the Pk'ers amusement? No matter what it was. What if i prioritized a mob battle over the Pk'ers amusement?

    Then deal with it. That's the system in the game, the PK community are going to still PK players at their own wish and deal with the consequences. It's not difficult. Similar to what AdventureApe said, some players will choose to PK for different reasons, my reasons are relatively similar and if my friends or guild call me for back-up.


    5. So basically "Bend to us Pk'ers whims and shut up, if you don't like it, QUIT!" Of course there is going to be pushback against this spanish conquistadors approach in the modern-day. This is the same train of thought that will hold humanity back as a whole. Use words and brainpower to solve issues.

    The same can be said for PVE focused players, "Bend to us PVE'ers whims and shut up, if you don't like it, QUIT!", I lost you at spanish and holding humanity. I don't see how they relate to a game that involves PVP.


    6. These are human players behind these avatars. Just because you (Not you specifically but the pk'er) decides to attack an unsuspecting player and possibly kill them doesn't mean their ideas or goals are worth more than the one who was preyed on. There would be no chess game if the Pk'er didn't bring the board and force me to play.

    The point here is that things like this is going to happen, that was my view on who I deemed more important at the time, different people have different values. I'm not here to talk about morals, I'm here to talk about the PK system on the game, which is the overall topic of this thread, besides the PK event that will 100% happen on the last day of CBT2.


    It's you who doesn't understand. Not everyone enjoys being forced into that situation. The point of this thread was to say the punishments were too harsh. I say they should be stricter. You latched on my personal opinion and derailed it from there. It is a part of the game for now. But you could also say the same about the punishment system.

    If it's too harsh? Part of the game. Don't like it? Discuss your opinions and ideas in a thread. You seriously didn't think everyone would agree with you right? Personally, I'm not worried about any of you pk'ers. I could probably win anyways since in this game, I'm free to pvp all i want without being locked up in prison for it. Therefore i have severely more experience versus someone who just runs around attacking Pve players. I'm speaking for those who you force to log out of the game and quit what they are doing because you just had to reach out and lay your hands on them. Those that forfeit their quest spots when they see you there, what makes your task more important?

    and how can a peaceful person force their ideology onto anyone? that makes zero sense. if they forced it then they wouldn't be peaceful. also what would they be forcing? "Forcing you to let them continue doing their quest"?

    Look, at this point from how you've responded to me and others in this thread, you again don't seem to understand what PKing is. If you're doing something so precious and someone jumps and PK's you out of no where, then of course its a situation no one wants to be in at the time, but it's a situation you're going to have to deal with at that time. The point of this thread is to say the punishments are quite harsh, you say they should be stricter by implying they should be banned, others say there should be an "abuse threshold of the Rampage system". I didn't derail the point, this has everything to do with the point, what are you even talking about?

    No, obviously not everyone would agree with us. Many people are usually afraid of PVP and PKing and as I've mentioned consistently to you, it's okay to be afraid lmao, but you seem to always miss that part. The same way those players are wanting to have fun doing quests, PKers have fun by PKing. I rarely hear of cases where someone is PKed to the point they log out because they couldn't quest, especially in this game where they are heavily punished?

    Using the same logic you presented onto me with the different "Warmode" reference you kept pulling out whilst mocking the PK community, it forces PKers to abide by casual PVE players ideology. It does make sense, just for some reason you forgot about your original idea, which is what makes no sense. And yes, they would basically be forcing them to let them do their quest, but people who are at max level don't exactly quest, I think you keep misinterpreting the state of PK at the moment, you can't kill low level players in this game as of right now.


    What I type are well-thought out heavenly descended lines of consideration for others. You're triggered that I don't support placing your hands on innocent players. And if you arent, Then we have literally No argument to be had. Because Attacking innocents is the Only thing I'm against and it will never change.

    Heavenly descended lines of consideration for others? What.. are you even..? Do you have some sort of superiority complex or something?

    Attacking any and everyone is what we're going to be doing on the LAST DAY OF CBT. We do have no argument as of right now. We've had an argument before in our many posts because of our disagreements to each others "Points". I don't know where you pulled that I am triggered, this is a debate, we're having a debate. I already warned you and anyone else that I'm one to type passive aggressively. Usually during debates, especially when people make false remarks, contradict themselves, and add onto misinformation.


    I would never judge someone else's idea of fun

    Again, do you even know what you are writing? I don't know if this is the second or eighth time contradicting yourself. You are literally judging people's version of "fun" for PKing?!

    1. You are an inexperienced PVE player, I didn't ask you to accept it or not, you are just one to me, and to probably most people here who disagree with your inexperienced replies.
    2. You never complained about being PKed personally, but man do you heavily imply that someone did and definitely hurt you real bad. You give almost the exact same responses as an inexperienced player who complains a lot who lost basically nothing for dying. Those players can log out if they want to, and anyone with "common sense" wouldn't log out because anyone with "common sense" knows that dying doesn't affect them and you lose once again, little to nothing. Plus it's the last day of CBT2, so why not just go to a safezone like Cloudrise and not log out? That's what someone with "common sense" would do.
    3. The PVP you imply you enjoy is controlled PVP, instanced PVP, basically TDM or something like that, cool no one here said you didn't enjoy PVP, who asked?
    4. The buffs you're referring to losing I assume are food buffs? Which are first of all cheap if not basically free to obtain if you play the game (this isn't even confirmed or been tested atm in our community if you lose it upon dying to a player btw, or if you self-res yourself). You also lose very little durability, which at that point when dying, you would probably switch to your PVP gear, so you dont lose durability on your PVE gear. It doesn't matter because repairing is CHEAP. Your game time compensates BY MILES to help repair any damaged gear and get back any food buffs.
    5. You are the one who provides the "kicks" for us, because the game simply allows us to do so (at a very punishing rate ;D). If the player was peaceful and didn't want to share the same blood-lust as the PKer then you find another way; figure it out yourself.
    6. I'm so glad you asked these questions: "Would he have to forfeit his quest spot and his current goals, and for what? just so they could have it instead? what makes the Pk'er more valuable or more important than the one who was pk'd?"
      • The answer to the first question is maybe, the answer to the second question is yes or depends on the killer's intent/goal if they want the spot or if they want blood, and yes the Pk'er is more valuable and more important that the one who was Pk'd because THEY ARE THE PKER. What makes the PK'er more valuable is that they are the ones moving the pieces on the chess board at the moment. You then decide what to do, they have changed the board, now it's your turn.

    In conclusion, this is why I say you're an inexperienced crayon because these are literally the basics for any game that involves similar features as this. The VICTIM in this case BENEFITS THE MOST when being PK'd at least via the game's internal functionality. Yes the Victim may lose a quest spot for the time being, but that's the game? You can then come back WAY MORE AT AN ADVANTAGE with your PVP gear, and buffs (or new buffs), the PKer is now being stunned by Zeus's bolt 24/7. The game at that point is basically HELPING you to fight back.

    I hope this helps you understand :)

    EDIT: Once again, you're confusing yourself with assuming all people who PK just kill on site. Why should the PVE community force their peaceful ideology of fun onto us? Ya know?

    The Warframe reference, what are you even talking about? Like do you even know what you are typing at this point?


    You can have open-world pvp by only attacking other rampage players like I suggested in the previous post. What's the matter? are you going to guess that a lot of you would Lose your courage at that point? A easy player in pve gear is much more appealing to you versus some super OP dude in pvp gear right? Would everyone get out of rampage mode then if they knew that person was in PVP mode with you? Then where would your kill count be then? 0 because there aren't any noobs/unsuspecting players, Just that hypothetical OP dude that you can't kill?

    Buhahaha, Is that what your afraid of? Going by that logic then i hope that same dude waits by the spawn point, and kills you every single time you press the W key to take a step. Have fun, and remember, they're really a great player. XD

    Once again, you're just an inexperienced PVE player complaining about being PKed that has VERY little affect to you.

    "War mode" is what you are referring to, is once again stupid :D and it's why OWPVP in games like WOW is literally boring compared to games that allow a player being killed at any point and time by an aggressor; 90% sure the PK community (that you have absolutely no idea how and what they enjoy would respond) would most likely agree with me. The 10% being people who consider themselves to be in the PK community (or people who think they know what a PK community is), as in people such as yourself.


    A easy player in pve gear is much more appealing to you versus some super OP dude in pvp gear right? Would everyone get out of rampage mode then if they knew that person was in PVP mode with you? Then where would your kill count be then? 0 because there aren't any noobs/unsuspecting players, Just that hypothetical OP dude that you can't kill?

    At this point you're just spouting absolute malarkey. That one "easy player" could revive at a dragonstar, wear their PVP gear and come back and fight, if not they call their guild to come and back them up, if not their friends to back them up, IF NOT they ask world chat for help if they must. You lose little to nothing when being PKed, and the PKer gets heavily punished in the meantime, and people still complain :D.


    Buhahaha, Is that what you're afraid of? Going by that logic then i hope that same dude waits by the spawn point, and kills you every single time you press the W key to take a step. Have fun, and remember, they're really a great player. XD

    This is what most inexperienced PVP players say at least 99% of the time "yOu'rE afRAid", it's a game man, we are fighting to fight, we know you lose barely anything when dying, so what's there to be afraid of? If you want on the day of the event, come to us, let us kill you a bunch of times and see how badly it affects your character, or just wait for launch when the PK community will most likely find you.

    P.S. That "Buhahaha" actually made me laugh and cringe at the same time LOL


    You make a ton of baseless assumptions. That user insulted me before I told him his English was bad. You would know if you didn't just skim through the entire subject matter. I 100% agree that we are free to have our own opinions. "Picking out unsuspecting victims" You think it's great, while I think it's cowardly. (that is the single thing I'm against in OWPK, Just that alone) Let the Pvp players who are ready for pvp, Attack other players who are ready/expecting it. The game sends you to jail for doing what it deems, criminal acts. Do the crime, do the time. You wouldn't pick out someone to kill in real life and tell them that 25-life is too much of a harsh punishment, would you?

    What is true is that. You are against a system that would Only have you fighting other Pvp players, That's not good enough for you, you want to kill PVE players as well.

    Firstly, I know the guy insulted you, I didn't "sKiM tHrOuGh", you insulted back in a similar manner; I'm merely pointing out that you don't follow your own rules of being a primitive-name calling mudslinging monkey :D.

    I didn't say "Picking out unsuspecting victims is great" nor did I imply it. If you read what I wrote I corrected you in saying that the PK community does both. Usually, someone wouldn't just PK a random unless its for a good reason, especially if the punishments are this long and tedious. An actual PK-player would flag and kill someone who they have beef with.

    This is why I assumed you have little to no experience in the PK community and judging by your inexperienced replies I believe its just a fact at this point. There are of course people who randomly kill players, similar to real-life right? Then you have those who do it for a reason. This game allows us to kill those players for a reason we deem worthy enough to flag them for. If the players who have the reason to just kill someone want to, they can, and they are punished heavily for it at the moment. Heavily to a point (which I've already mentioned) benefits the victim in ways that allows the victim to escape or to kill their aggressor.

    Well actually, you never said "I PERSONALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE" you said:


    I for one hope there is stricter punishment. Such as Bans are given out along with the try-hards getting blacklisted by the entire server and become unable to complete a dungeon because everyone ends up hating them.

    Which in turn just means you'd much like a system like this to be implemented, which I therefore said it's stupid because it is stupid. If you think it isn't stupid, that's for you to decide.

    Speaking of "primitive-name calling", aren't you doing the same by:

    • What you are implying the PK community are "try-hards" we all know what you mean :).
    • Mentioning someone's English is bad, and saying some dumb statement about how you should use your own translator to translate their English? You say not to use name-calling yet you passively do it anyways. Works both ways buddy.

    I don't agree with a system like that, this isn't world of Warcraft's PVP system where you are either in the peaceful channel or the War channel, there were BARELY ANYONE in the channel at least in the server I played in. It's what killed WOW for me and most players who enjoyed PKing on that game; overall that system is ok, but why have that system when we can have something better like OWPVP and can kill anyone we deem on site.


    Also, players only want to PK unsuspecting victims because the rest of the PK community would most likely crush them.

    What are you talking about? The PK community PK each other. You kill one guy, he calls his guild, they call flag, you call your guild, and you have a small bloodbath, in the end you all end up in jail and for some reason you all become friends/allies and jump others later. You are obviously someone who hasn't enjoyed the PK world let alone experienced it. It's okay, most people haven't enjoyed it because they're either afraid or it's not their thing, but you're playing a game with other people who have other tastes than you. If you like the other game's system so much then go there (using your logic).

    I believe what I typed wasn't silly, similarly how you believe what you type means its not silly. You have your right to your opinion, enjoy it while it lasts I guess :P. You're still a crayon.

    P.S: Someone also mentioned something about us PKing each other for the event, it's a wonderful idea, but that's not what we want to do. We want to group up and player kill others who are not in our group. You don't say to protestors to protest to each other, you protest against those who will be affected most. Right?

    It seems like to me that the people against PKing are convincing others and themselves of nonsense. Let's help these misinformed players back on the right track :D.

    First of all, no one who is participating in this event has ever complained about the Jail System being an issue, so those of you who think that, stop thinking it?

    Secondly, let's take a quick seminar on how PK works (credit to two members in our community Ahaya and Frostwolf):

    • Rampage mode on = Loss of Good Qi. Gain of Negative Qi.
    • You can basically PK whoever you want as long as you don't die to NPCs (a.k.a guards, since you can't rev on the spot (tested).
    • If you die to players (and maybe regular monsters (further testing to be done in CBT2)) you can revive on the spot.
    • In Jail you carry rocks and do other quests to reduce your Jail time (gaining Good Qi).
    • You can escape jail, but you'll get a DOT debuff that will basically kill you and send you back to jail, so escaping doesn't really have a purpose or a known cure to the debuff at the moment (it's still CBT, we're not scholars). This is also the current TW/CN Rampage system according to their sources.
    • You can avoid jail by doing events that will give you Good Qi, when your Qi (or karma) goes positive, you wont go to jail and you can't be randomly killed similarly to being in Negative Qi or Red mode.
    • There are future content stuff to also come to the game, but no point discussing that right now as it isn't here yet. So technically, it's not how our current Rampage works.

    The players who are flagged/PKed on can:

    1. Revive on the spot for silver (progressively gets more expensive).
    2. Can revive at the nearest Dragonstar, and you can fly back to your quest zone in less than a minute.
    3. The PKers are the ones who get heavily debuffed to a point where it just stuns them in place consistently, which gives the opposing player a HUGE advantage in both running away or fighting them back.
    4. "Low levels can be PKed", those of you complaining that the lOw lEvElS aRe nOt sAfE can now safely remove this malarkey from your thoughts, it's not true, it's a blatant lie. Players under the level of Student 1 cannot be PKed, their levelling is safe :).
    5. To my knowledge, you guys don't lose items, I'm not even sure if your durability is affected on your gear. CBT1 just passed and now we have CBT2 to test it.
    6. You don't gain any Negative Qi for killing someone who is flagged (according to our sources), and you can literally group up on them as they're being constantly stunned by the God of Thunder Thor himself. If you still don't manage to kill the PKer, then you and your group are under geared as a new player, or you all just really bad at the game, PVP and class wise.

    The players who PK:

    1. Just for turning on Rampage mode you progressively get increased Negative Qi which will put you in Red mode (depending on your current Good Qi) and you can be sent to jail via Guards in seconds; just for turning the mode on. Meaning, if players aren't at max Good Qi, simply by turning Rampage mode on will almost-instantly make you spend 1-2 hours in Jail for just having the "thought" of some kill intent (I haven't done the math for how much Negative Qi is gained by turning the mode on). In my opinion, that kind of system is a little dumb, if you haven't done the crime you shouldn't be paying for it merely for thinking about it. Pretty sure most of you if not all of you people have thought about hitting someone because they did something that offended you, should you go to jail? I don't think so :D.
    2. Killing a single person is almost, if not, instant jail time. There are Guards in every safe zone that basically one-tap you and your ancestors. The only ways to get Good Qi back is to be sent to jail and do your time, or by doing events that bring it up, with the risk of players and maybe Guards finding you? We haven't found the events that increase Good Qi. Only the quests in jail.
    3. Death is basically instant jail time unless you revive on the spot, which makes the player lose money, especially if they're ganked. Death by guards is instant Jail, you can't revive on the spot when killed by a Guard, similarly to if you're detained by a police officer, it's unlikely you would escape.
    4. When dying to a player (and or a monster) if you are Negative Qi and you press "revive at nearest dragonstar" the game will trick you and send you to jail. Not at the nearest Dragonstar, it's not known if this is a bug or not.

    The only person I've seen in on this forum who knows A LOT and has actual experience about how the PK system works is mounsi, I've gathered most of my PK knowledge from his previous replies/posts to other misinformed and angry players. I'm hoping mounsi could also join the event, maybe not for the cause, but just for fun.

    We understand there are players who are not confident in any form of PVP at all, and that's ok. You need to realise this game isn't Genshin Impact or a Pegi 7 game where you can run around and quest without having to watch your back. This is a game that has implemented a PK system which we believe to have some heavy punishments for those who wish to PK someone. There are some who obviously believe the contrary, and believe it or not there are some who have convinced themselves that the punishments are too low and PK should be even more punished. These people most definitely haven't tried the PK system trying to play the game at the same time; it just doesn't work.

    We understand this game isn't a strong OWPVP game such as Black Desert Online (BDO), Age of Wushu (AOW), ArcheAge (AA or AAU). It's a game that has a PK system implemented, if they were to implement a "banning system" for those that PK *** then what's the point of the PK system? Don't implement it :D.

    We understand how the video game industry works, we know Gameforge (the publishers of SOLO) can't change the Rampage System themselves and this will have to be brought up to the actual developers of the game. This event isn't just a form of protest but it's also for fun for those that enjoy PKing or PVP overall, and what better time to do it than CBT? The event is also on the LAST DAY OF CBT2!!, meaning the PKers most likely wont be there to take screenshots in Cloudrise for the last CBT on SOLO.

    We also know that there is basically a 0.1% chance that the Rampage System will even change from our actions, but protestors who protest real-world problems also know that their actions may not help their cause, but at least they can try; also it's fun to PK, at least for some if not most people.

    You're more than welcome to join our discord and debate your opinions and we would be so happy to do so.

    I tend to be a quite passive aggressive when writing, so if anything has offended you or damaged a nerve then my bad? But hopefully you can be more understanding as you would expect someone who you complain to would also be understanding :).


    //edited and censored for insult by Revali

    You're cave-man like approach is to say "Bend to our whims and if you don't like it, Shut up about it" I for one hope there is stricter punishment. Such as Bans are given out along with the try-hards getting blacklisted by the entire server and become unable to complete a dungeon because everyone ends up hating them. It's just primitive to think that there will not be any repercussions for it.

    Who hurt you?