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    there is nothing worse for an mmorpg if the devs listen to some progress people, and balance the content arround them. then the game dies -> Wildstar best example. Devs made content so hard that people couldnt beat it anymore.. look where wildstar is now.... -> Spoiler its Service is Closed... People quit games cause the content is not doable/to hard, no one quit a game cause content is to easy.

    WildStar was a truly amazing game. You shouldn't berate it. I still think that Avatus is peak boss design.

    Also this game clearly doesn't have the "problem" WildStar had. In WS every raid only had one difficulty, but every raid in SOLO has various difficulties. Also if hard mode was cleared in the first day I think you can't really say that it's way too hard.

    Premise: ANY and I repeat ANY idea posted here will be ignored because GF is mainly here for localization, customer support, ecc. I'm not sure they get to call shots on balancing.

    Also soon enough there will be hard raids so I really doubt they would want to do many changes to normal raids anyway (why bother for something which will be obsolete in a blink of an eye).

    Said so, even if discussing this is futile, I feel like some of the points OP made make sense, especially if you just skip to the boss balance changes.

    3rd boss:BUFF dmg: the lazers feels bugged, u can stay afk in them and get like 5% dmg lol -> buff the lazers! If u stay in the lazers u should get 40% dmg

    Those lasers really do nothing... why even bother adding that skill if it does nothing?

    6th boss:Above 50% HP it should deal a bit more dmg, so people dont facetank, the bubble phase at 50% should get dmg increased a bit too, you should focus 100% on dodging and not cheesing dmg while getting hit by few bubbles.

    True, and the bubbles in the 50% phase do what? 15% damage each? basically nothing. it's just the pushback that's a bit annoying, but nobody risks their life in that phase.

    About the dps check: making a raid for 55GS is imho questionable in the first place. 55 means you only have half of the items from the 60 sets. It's like if they released another instance which at 65GS drops 90 equip....

    So for all I care I'm happy that it's at least hard for people which don't even have full dungeon equip...

    not sure yet, the fight is fun and challanging - its fine for ilvl 65+

    Agree, it's fun and challenging and finally a boss which isn't just a dps check training dummy.

    Ruins of Nuwou:

    NERF: For a normal mode the dps check is to scary, the difficulty from the dungeon should be the mechanics, and not "Lets cherry pick and only recruit people ilvl 70+ who has BIS items and play "meta build" to get high dps. -> Nerf the Boss HP by 10% -> lower the required DPS from 4100 to 3660.

    Couldn't they just bump the requirement to 70+ instead of nerfing it? Or if they really have to nerf it, I think that 10% HP nerf is a bit too much.

    Hey, today I visited a friend's housing and I couldn't see his windmills moving.

    I tried to relaunch the game but nothing changed.

    Maybe it's a graphic option which I disabled but I couldn't find it.

    In the shop preview I see them moving properly.



    I know that from a screenshot you can't tell they're not moving, it's just to point out which housing items I'm refering to.

    What is Fortunate and Concentration?

    I would like to necropost to report that there are still items that talk about Concentration.


    At least on stats and skills the translation should be CLEAR and CONSISTENT.

    There's no concentration stat in the character screen, but if you hover on FORTUNE and PERCEPTION it talks about concentration. Apparently CONCENTRATION == PERCEPTION?

    And while we're here, also these 2 talismans aren't exactly clear... *1*


    What exactly is "Level of shared healing +32"? Once again, it's nowhere in the character stat screen. By trying on my berserker I found out it's "healing effect".

    And *2*:


    Prescience what? Rate? Effect? Without buying it, it's impossible to tell.

    Lastly let me tell you that prescience's description is uninformative. It takes you trial and error to find out what it does.

    Hi, I would like to know how to check how many more parchments I can drop in dungeons/raids.

    I know there's a 18 limit on shop parchments, but how to check the overall weekly limit?

    I ran all PvE content this week and I noticed that the 2 new raids definitely didn't drop a single parchments to me, same with the last 3 days of daily normal dungeon. So there has to be a weekly limit, right?

    Update : saved the data folder away, restarted the download and pasted the data folder back in : it doesnt even recognize it or read the current existing files .... it just continues to download from scratch.

    This is so badly done , cannot think of the last game that couldnt resume a download ......

    This is just frustrating, i haven't even played and i wanna refund this.

    bascily lost connection for few secs at 86%, once internet came back i couldnt resume and it asked me to download again saying that the folder is not empty ....

    this is just so stupid.