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    I really don't know what the devs were thinking when they made the changes, but now it's really really boring to play as a DPS bard.

    Both Ice and Fire feel clunky and boring.

    I don't care if the DPS is still good, I'm talking about the feeling of the rotation.

    It's been suggested various times, but I'll suggest it again.

    Make all the cutscene skippable. Simple as.

    I think I'll die of cringe if I see another time that pathetic Shi Dao rolling on the floor asking to be released from his "incense lock".

    P.S. What the f*ck is an incense lock?

    Yesterday I helped a new player complete a beginner instance (yemo). And my friendship jumped to level 54.

    I really doubt that's intended.

    I've done countless instances with my guild mates/sworn friends and the friendship level is nowhere close to 54.


    There's definitely enough players to play PvE content. I can't comment on PvP mainly because I've never had any interest in it (so I don't know if queue pops or not).

    While I've been quite critic about this latest content patch because imho it guttered content and made the new player experience possibly worse than before, I would still recommend getting this game - especially now that it's on sale.

    If, and I repeat if, the game gets long term commitment then you can expect to get TONS of content update. Last time I checked in China they have 4 classes more than us and about 30 pve instances more.

    EU1 population is higher than EU2, but most content is cross server so np.

    No mention of PvE sealstones III in new patch notes.

    I had low expectaction but holy f*ck.... BRAVO GAMEFORGE!

    Ask returning players or new players or people with alts how fun they're having upgrading their 90,95 and 100 GS equip.

    Today I got my level 100 weapon from login rewards.

    I linked it to a friend and he asked me "how did you get a level 105 weapon already!?". I told him that he should put glasses on but apparently it wasn't his fault. He linked me his 100 weapon and it showed up as a level 105 weapon as well.


    Oh no so you actually gotta farm the Lotus Fire you need as a new player, same as old players had to do? Unbelievable.

    Sealstones I kinda agree, u gotta farm lvl 75 eq and then dismantle it, cuz 75 parchments still sell Seasltones III iirc.its like 30 per week.

    This post is simply ignorant.

    1. How can you not realize how absurd it is to give 90 gs equip to any new player as a catchup mechanics but not giving them a decent way to upgrade it?
    2. No, you can't get Sealstones from parchments anymore. Diqi only sells equip.

    I thought whether I should've done a new thread about it or not, but in the end I thought it would've been fine to post it here.

    1.1 came out. World bosses, ruvia bosses, soul journey are all 80+.

    New and returning players have access to 90 GS for just a few gold. But they don't have

    • Lotus Heart Fire
    • Sealstone III

    to effectively use their equip.

    So why, instead of letting us farm NORMAL DUNGEONS ON A DAILY BASIS with GS40 enemies which drop 0 Lotus Heart Fire and ~1 Sealstone III don't you make us at the very least do the hard version of the dungeon?

    New players have now instantly access to 90GS gear, but how are they supposed to upgrade said gear?

    It's really hard to obtain Sealstones now.

    In cloudrise you can only buy Sealstones IV.

    Sealstones from parchments aren't a thing anymore.

    Normal dungeons (daily) give you 1 pve sealstone III (by crafting using the ~9 sealstone I you drop).

    Hard dungeons reset weekly and anyway don't drop a lot of sealstones anyway.

    Hard raids are pretty much getting ignored because they give you no loot except sealstones (and still 1 whole Jade Palace is less than 30 sealstone III I think).

    I honestly would HATE to be a new player right now.