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    dont q, fall behind in content to a point where you can never catch up in pvp gear? lol

    What ended up happening, is that pre groups werent filling up from each guild..

    Instead of queueing as a large group and potentially running into another guilds group and fighting a real fight, they just merged all these together.

    So now 3-4 of the upper end pvp guilds just run a single pvp raid, and slaughter till they get bored.

    Not much to do about it, queue, hope for the best, play the objectives.

    Just combat this by making your own premade.

    Playing with randoms is not fun anyways

    insinuating everyones knocking out their dailies during primetime with their friends on is an issue here lol.

    some people have their premades, some dont. Not everyones on with their peeps fulltime.

    I dont mind random queuing at all, and i have a group i run with when im playin serious. However, they still need separate queues.

    oh no ppl group up in a mmorpg to do stuff as a group.

    find some friends and queue together, its a mmorpg not single player.

    Its pretty simple, in queued pvp, you pit premade vs premade.

    You dont pit random pugs vs a premade group. Most games have done away with this for a reason.