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    Someone in the game had one of the little panda's the holiday panda mount has following them as a pet. They told me it you get with the panda mount. I see the cubs when I'm using the panda mount but it didn't show up in my pet menu at all to use as my pet. I am a student one so I do not know what I did wrong. Please help.

    Here's why I think the events should be for all players regardless of your level. We all purchased the game. It's not like it's an extra event you buy to do like battle pass rewards. If this game was free to play and then P2W like the other game I play, then yes having a level requirement makes sense. But in a game we all purchased to play from the begining, then the event's should reflect that. and all levels should be allowed in.

    I am following the quest lines.

    I have not found the game easy . I love it, but it's not easy.

    I don't play everyday.

    How does reducing gold have anything to do with allowing low level and beginners doing the events? We purchased the game same as you, the seasonal events should be open to all.

    Can you please make these events so any level can do them? I've played this game since the beta and I'm still not even close to student1. This is the third event, but the second one I'm disapointed with. Make it so the slow, and the new players have just has much access to the events.

    How do you get star crystals? I have and want to buy a new one, but if I can't imprint what's the point? I've done dailies and still don't getting those. (I am not talking about the crystal dust you get for logging in everyday.)

    Hello. Sometimes the colors of the hair style are not what I want, but I love the style. So maybe there can be a way to dye the hair?? They did that in Wizards101 and it is very popular. If you could do that with hair, and some of the outfits for more customization I'm sure it would be a hit.

    Also, I know you can change the change the size of some accessories, but one that lets you make hair ornaments smaller would be nice. You have some nice hair but the side accessory, I personally would like smaller. For example, the peaceful mist stream, that big ornament on the right, I'd love to be able to make is small or hide it. But I love the other star ornaments a lot. And the starry night hair, the color, I'd love to dye it a dark blue, or even black or brown. Or a very dark red.

    Thank you.

    Hello. Is there a way to change the speed of the camera angles when running around in the game.? I'm having a hard time when I need to change directions, I have to turn the mouse in a full circle little by little if turing around. Every other game I've played you can twirl around easily. I would like to be be able to do it just using the keyboard. Also, sometimes I can't play with my left hand... is there a way to make the 10 key pad your movement keys??

    Thank you