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    Ok, I tried cloudflare dns and google's as an alternative dns and for some reason, it works now.
    1st time I had to hard set my dns for SOLO because I only did this before when I play GTA V Online and had issues before.

    My other online games are 100% working fine without cloudflare dns, not sure what exactly the issue is. ISP?

    Per title.

    Launching from steam - Internal server error: None

    Other Steam games are fine, my internet is fine. Trying to play via VPN same issue.

    Am I the only one having this issue? Steam seems to have some issues but how come other online games on steam works fine and only SOLO is having this issue?

    I find EU servers much better latency/ping while playing from Philippines. Might just migrate there even if I can't take my bought and gifted cosmetics lol

    I'm on EU myself

    EU2? What's your latency/ping playing from Philippines?

    200-250 generally.

    That's too high ouch, I get 175-180-200ms in EU but on NA I get around 220-250 and worst is 270 lol

    You know.... it would be spectacular if they just made the language files open to transfer so we could play on a Chinese or Malaysian server in English. I just checked the Malaysian developers page (CiBmall) and it's not English either.

    Even if we couldn't speak to 90% of the others on the server, it would be nice.

    Like I was trying to say, if they just try to do a quick survey then they would see how majority of the players are here in SEA what more in Asia :)

    I'm fairly sure we don't have publishing rights for SEA, though I could be wrong in which case the heavens shall smite me.

    But yeah, prolly gonna be difficult in that specific corner.

    If you would, please look into it? We are not asking for CN/TW-area servers, or to bypass the Firewall, only for a way for English-speakers in countries not served by the main game to be served by Gameforge. Anyone in the countries specified by the devs can be locked out.

    Example: I am in the Philippines. Australians also might like to play. And the devs make money based on your sales too, yes? So win-win. :D

    They really need to make a survey how Crazy Rich Asians can be lol. Kidding aside, it will really be great if they could add another regional server that could cater either Asia or Middle-East.

    I am also in the SEA region (one of the countries that is allowed to access this game) and would also like to see a SEA server. I think you could pick up some Australian customers as well by having one.

    They could actually make a survey or do some IP address check and would see the how during off peak US or EU/UK hours, how many customers they are missing out with good service. Having really a server in our region would remove people who refund/quit because of the latency issues.
    Exitlag helps for me but honestly pvp/competitively wise it's not. As far as PVE content, I am enjoying and some daily/weekly pvp just for the sake of getting the rewards lol.

    Just wondering if they could publish Asia and Mediterranean & Middle East servers (of course excluding Taiwan and China since it's already existing there).:?:

    Pretty sure a lot of people would play just like the other competitors Bless and New World. This game has some potential, just optimize and server stability or simply have some other servers as mentioned above. (maybe Unreal Engine 4 perhaps next year?)

    Exitlag helps a lot but honestly playing from somewhere in Asia going through server routing etc still gives much high latency/ping issues

    This is exactly my issue though mine got resolved when I left an alliance and re-joined. Not saying that is the resolution but honestly I really remember a tutorial being completed voice prompt as soon as I left the alliance which is honestly weird.

    -From my experience, I was in an alliance during my beginner days and before reaching the Dungeon Codex tutorial.
    I am 100% certain at least on the bug on my character, it was fixed when I left that alliance because I got a tutorial complete voice sound then it's not grayed out anymore.

    -This issue is still happening on the first launch of the game (as soon as you open the game for the first time I mean to say). Going back to character selection fixes it IF and only IF the Dungeon Codex tutorial was completed. At least this is basing on what happened to my character.

    In regards what is happening for the others, they did mention that they are not in an alliance when the issue was noticed so they might have a different issue at hand.

    To be honest; that sounds so weird :D

    So, Toraseishin, you aren't in a alliance?


    Just updating this. I just logged in and BOOM it's bugged again. :(

    Nothing changed, I was already in the new alliance since the time it worked TBH but now the bugged happened again.


    I went back to character selection screen, then relogged. It then WORKED again. So yeah, the usual common bug that everyone stated; I guess mine is working again now lol


    To be honest; that sounds so weird :D

    So, Toraseishin, you aren't in a alliance?

    I have not joined an alliance yet, yes.

    I can't possibly imagine how the dungeon codex bug would have anything to do with being in an alliance (or not). The two systems have absolutely nothing to do with each other.....this is bizarre xD

    Not also sure how it got fixed on my end suddenly after I left a guild/alliance. Though I did submitted a support ticket at as well, maybe they also did something and by coincidence my dungeon codex bug was fixed?

    To be honest; that sounds so weird :D

    So, Toraseishin, you aren't in a alliance?

    It is weird lol but it is fixed now. I just joined an alliance again but before I left I am 100% sure that the bug was still there.
    After I left the existing alliance (the one where someone just nabbed and recruited me lol), suddenly I saw a tutorial being marked completed, you know the Voice Over about it? I was then shocked to see the Dungeon Codex got fixed by itself.
    Might be a coincidence cause the other one who had this issue is not even in an alliance.

    So the only thing I did was to leave my current alliance/guild. Since day 1 beginner level something, I was invited to the alliance and now, BOOM! The Dungeon Codex is working!

    Hope you read this guys, it's working for me now.

    Shared Account Storage for Armor and accessories, I mean why not? Would it kill the game or would it make more people switch and test out other classes which gives more option for people to know which playstyle and class they want rather than fully grinding hours again for equipment.

    Anyways, this is just a suggestion/recommendation. :)