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    How about a 20 men party? When playing 2 healers 2 tanks with 11 ppl.the dps check is still too low. And every progress guild has or will beat the dungeon today, so it isnt hard enough anyway. Hardmode raids, extreme dungeon, all way too easy.

    are u drunk? i saw several high end streamers and they tooklike 4 hours fo 4th boss already, they made break at Dahan.

    on Eu only 2 guilds cleared dahan already.

    Does Dahan at least do more ability damage in hard mode? or did they just buff his HP and his damage against tanks?

    sure sure, and then u wonder why it take ages to find groups for those areas... cause people skipping the content... SOLO will be the same as Wildstar... content to hard for normal people -> people will skip content -> game playerbase decreases..

    there is nothing worse for an mmorpg if the devs listen to some progress people, and balance the content arround them. then the game dies -> Wildstar best example. Devs made content so hard that people couldnt beat it anymore.. look where wildstar is now.... -> Spoiler its Service is Closed... People quit games cause the content is not doable/to hard, no one quit a game cause content is to easy.

    cause not everyone is full ilvl 75. specialy if you recruit new people. u want to tell them "no sry u cant do raids with us, u to low"... no thats toxic...
    And Parchments, Recipes and chance for Mount Drop is in Normal + Easy too

    We have some guilds that only play SoLo 1 day a week. :(. sadly if they fall in love with another MMO they gone.

    then maybe u are in the wrong guilds...

    or do they make a 24hour marathon??? ones a week???

    5x Hard mode Dungeonds + 5x Hidden -> (3h)

    5x Easy Mode Dungeon (1h)

    10 x Easy Raid bosses (i count jade palace as 6 bosses) (2h)

    10 x Normal Raid bosses (3h)

    2x Extreme Dungeon... (2h)

    Even if they never wipe. doing all this will take atleast 10 hours.

    and then u still have normal dailys/weeklys for battlepass and so... Our guild start skipping activities else we dont have the time for everything. We skipp 4 normal dungeonds a day, sometimes even hard dungeonds, and iceworld + ruins of nuowu. cause not everyone has so much time to do all content available. Solo has a ton of content, if u do them all it feels like a full time job,

    i still dont get why people are salty that they dont drop 3 items each week...

    For myself i am ilvl 75 since 2 weeks now. i only run the raids for fun and help guildmates... Else i have no purpose for them anymore.. I literally give my ilvl 75 drops and trade them to other people for free/small tipps. Its literally a DOWNSITE that i dropped my 2-3 items per weeks, since now i run the raids for no own purpose....

    Even if u would start the raiding just now, and are fresh levle 60. after 1 run jade palace with a 12-15 man team that person is instantly ilvl 66/67 after ONE clear.

    Cause he just gets all the items from the others who are ilvl 75 already. In the end you should be happy if u not full ilvl 75 yet, cause then u literally have a reason for yourself to do the raids...

    And no they don't even need the same class then you to get "good" items:

    • You have the Range Casters (Bard, Summoner, Spellsword Ranged) which can trade all their drops (SKILL attribute)
    • You have the Healers (Bard, Summoner, Reaper Heal) which can trade all their drops (Wisdom attribute)
    • You have the Melee DPS (Berserker, Reaper, Spellsword Melee) which can trade all their drops (Agility attribute)
    • You have the Tanks (Berserker,Spearmaster) which can trade all theirs drops (Power attribute)
    • And you have Spearmaster DD which also use Power attribute.

      #EXCEPTION THE 4 ITEMS IN THE MIDDLE (weapon, class symbols) but all other 11 items can easy be traded

    So each class has a 2 other clases/specs with need the same attributes. Unless you are the only Spearmaster and dont have a Berserker in party, you should be easy getting loot from your teammates if they ilvl 75 already.

    yes gamers nowdays wants everything shoveled down their ass instantly..

    The gearing and progression in SOLO is literally the softes you wil ever find in mmorpgs. If the SOLO item progression takes to long for you. You will be lost in every other mmorpg. In other mmorpgs you cant get gearcapped in 1 month. In other MMORPG you do the same dungeon/raid for months to get ONE upgrade. In SOLO u get just 1 item upgrade from crafting each week 100%.

    The only thing they need to adjust is the "Single Raid Power". even if you only do jade palace each week u can easy be ilvl 75 bynow. u dont even need the other 4 raids. and thats a bit sad.

    They should make the Single boss raids drop more parchments so people are motivated to do them too.

    yes, if semi-progress casual peoplel like me can clear it, its fine.. if 1 is noob, 10 is pro player and 5 is average, i would put myself at 6. So yeah.

    The average players have no energy and motivation even registrering a forum account and discuss stuff here. if they can't do it, they just don't do it -> quit/make something else.

    etxreme is doable since there is no stupid dps check. if u do the mechanic u can clear it :) cleared both extremes

    EDIT Extreme mode: what a bummer. For real, youre not even getting damage when ignoring the boss mechs (share defbreak f.e.). Didnt need to use a single cd again since damage is soo ultralow :(. Did it first try with a random group without wiping to secret boss. All first time and havent looked up anything... that isnt how extreme modes should work...

    ??? did u joined hardmode instead of extreme?

    in extreme people wipe easyly at normal monsters, and the killl kill kill boss literally 2 shotting the whole group.

    and again, only cause u cherrypickign 1 guy out of 20.000 doesnt mean everyone can do it. he has perfect BIS gear + super expensiv buffood... and the correct party affix buffs.... and he is reaper... Reaper is known for haveing huge dmg spikes....

    Stop cherrypicking the best of the best in a perfect case scenario.. thats like saying "dude i just won the lottery, its piss easy, do it too. first try"... NO ITS NOT.

    And spoiler, i am main healer, and even if i go DPS sometimes , cause the group needs DPS, i am top 3 DPS all the time.. So i can't be that bad, if i am top 3 DPS as an OFF-DD... The average dps in ruins of nuowu and iceworl people get are arround 3,2k (checked like last 50 runs(Highlights/Replays) -> So 500 player sample size. from 500 players average dps is like 3.2k...

    and your "Every single class can deal same dps" argument is just plain stupid lie. Bard, Beserker and Reaper are usualy at the Peak. While summoner and spellsword are in the middle. and Spearmaster is a bit below them.

    A mignshi summoner for example will never get the same DPS peaks then a Beaver summoner.. cause its not designed that way...

    mingshi summoner is literally the most DPS consistancy the game has to offer. its not like Bard 20k DPS first 30 sec and then falls down to 3k.... no the mingshi is like 4k dps in 3 min parse, 10 min parse, 30 min parse, 50 min parse. (Yes i actually made those parses myself).

    yea so both new raids are spoooky. spend like 2 hours and iceworld still not beaten.

    but the attitude is toxic. kicking the low dps. or the people who has highping , cause he keep dieing at the minigame phase...

    i dont like spreading toxicity in raids/dungeonds.

    And yeas people crying "game to easy"... cause they outgear the content... but thats not NORMAL case. .. If you go with ilvl 65 team in ruins of nuowu. its not possible, not even if u are a korean god gamer...

    If your team is ilvl 70+ then u might have a chance.. and at full ilvl 75 it feels "easyer"... thats obvious.

    It has a reason why people recruit iceworld, ruins of nuwou Ilvl 70+ and not invite levle 65/66/67 people. cause people know its not possible with that ilevel.

    The perception/hitrate that comes from higher ilvl items is the Meta definer here.. With ilvl 65 and "correct" pieses, i had like 25% haste and 320 mastery and hit like 3k dps. now with ilvl 75 and "incorrect" pieses i have 20% haste and 340 mastery... -> i would say its a bit worse then before... BUT i still deal over 4k dps now.. even if the haster/mastery are almost the same or worse...Higher Ilvl -> Higher perception/hitrate -> u get a shitload of free dmg.

    Just go try kill the fishlamp (in a legit way, not with onehit mechanic from spellsword lol...) in jade palace, there u can see it perfectly. The lamp has like 3900 hp in easy jade palace my skill tooltip had 4100 dmg. and it deal 4100 dmg exactly on dummy and most enemy,but on the fishlamp i needed to make like 10 tries before it dealt 4100 dmg... often it dealt 2500, 3000, sometimes even 500. Cause of Perception/hitrate. Now with ilvl 75, instead of 10 tries with my spell (that has now 4600 dmg) its more a 50:50 chance if i deal my 4600 dmg or like 2900 or lower..

    if normal mode is the challange, what is hard mode then? only for the esport, pro gramers?

    For me the system works 100% as Phaendar described,With the 2 drops per week minimum. And you get 2 drops u need (not mastery/haste, but the slot)

    I was ilvl 73 before doing jade palace, missing 2 items (helmet and 1 class symbol)...

    First boss down . Dropped the Gem, opend the Gem -> helmet

    4th boss. dropped gem, opend gem -> class symbol.

    and then in Wave in tempest i dropped my first dublicate (since i am ilvl 75) and used it for parchments to craft a better Earring soon.

    Na chill. if more people hit 75, they can trade u the other items. our guildmate who missed 2 weeks of raids cause of RL, literlly got 5 items this week. 2 dropped and 3 trades from other people, since they had the item already or don't need the haste ring on their class.

    You can only feed ONE item to pet per week. So instead of putting the other item in the bin, you can better make another player happy and trade it to him. I would do it with randoms too, and would take a small tipp from arround 20 gold. -> Everyone will do it in the long run, cause getting a small tipp and trade 1 item is better then put the item in the bin/get nothing.

    u can use the /roll command to roll the dice with the party members, or just make who bid the most, or a mix of both.

    This is an MMORPG, a Team game, no one is lefting behind, if you are behind, the other people can help you :)

    yes i agree extreme mode and hardmode should be challanging, but not normal.. "normal" is just "normal". you just doit.

    u got carried by the 4,8k dps guy.. replace that guy with a normal 3k dps player and then try again :)

    Ice world is a mechanic/concentration thing. basically 4 People need to know what they do (trials) + tank, the other 5 can be random people who only know the minigame phase. ( which u can cheese with dmg reduction spell if u are bad at jumping)

    in Nuowu every single person needs to perform (debuff placement, stack removing, paddling between blue and dark clouds).

    na the Wu Ye Yu dungeon on extreme will be fun. its straight forward mechanics, not chaotic stuff like Nuowu.

    Without knowing what the exteme mode in Wu Ye Yu is . but i would predict its easyer then Normal Nuowu.

    Jade palace does not need nerfs. It was easily clearable on the first day even by mediocre groups. No struggles whatsoever. I agree that Ruins DPS check is a bit high considering the gear that is being asked when compared to Normal Jade Palace / Ice World. I like the difficulty and agree that it should not be nerfed but I think it is easy to see that it is not exactly in line with the others. There might be some scaling fuckery going on since the boss loses HP when going from 13 to 14 people.

    if they dont nerf it they shoult atlead make Ice world and ruins of uwu recommended item level 70+ and not 65+...

    Hardmode raids are supposed to be harder, not Normal raids...

    since thursday, i meet almost 100 different people that tried ruins and iceworld, and not just 1 time, 3-4 hours each day... i whispered some of them, they still not beaten them, me included. And no we not undergeared, everyone is ilvl 70+. Some people even full 75 with level 2 talismans.We know the boss mechanics, even in sleep already, so often we tried... but knowing alone doesnt matter, everyone in the group needs full concentration so they dont make a single mistake... guess everyone need some energy drink or other "stuff" to get on 200% concentration.. We even watched the replay to see which dmg the moves make, and where we fail... We fail the dungeon cause of dps check, technical issues (ping/fps) and concentration issues, not cause we dont know how the dungeon works....

    It doesnt matter, ... Its a shit design that the dungeon is designed around all people need stay alife. If one person dies its autowipe.

    And humans and machines make mistakes... if 1 person has a lagspike, fps drop, miss to dodge aoe its over... this is not normal mode... this feels like mythic+ in WoW or Greaterrift Level 110+ in diablo3.. if one person make a small mistake its autowipe.. Specialy in ruins of nuowu where the DPS check is unethical.

    Its like going in a school class, the teacher say put your phones on silent... gues what... 1 out of 30 people miss it...

    Same in the cinema, dont drop the popcorn on the floor... there will be still 1 person that do it..

    Haveing a 100% scenario in any thing, no matter online game raids, or reallife is just speculation. there is no 100%... there always outliers...

    So goodluck find a group where 10/10 make no mistakes, or 20/20 make no mistakes or 14/14 or 11/11.. Not possible...

    whats the point haveing blade resonance buffs for revive? you have to use them for DPS or you cant finish the boss..

    The only way people cleared the raid is with Outgearing and/or bugging the Boss. (Same way people cleared the Dahan, they bugged Dahan in the "tree" so his spin to win never moves outside), (Same way people cleared hidden boss in frost river path [before people outgeared the dungeon], they just bugged the boss so he drops poison outside of the arena...)

    Designing content arround "outgearing", "dps check" and "bugging/cheesing" the boss is a horrible design.

    some people already bugging the ice world boss, so he can still get attacked while in the minigame phase...

    Well idk about Jade Palace we did it somehow on gear lvl 60 and its was playable. Same we did with all new raids, like if u need 55 u go with 60, if u need 60 its kinda made for gear lvl 65, same as new raids. Ice World which is actually World of Pain, bcs idk how it must be playable on lvl 65 gear, if u need run, dodge, make some dps(heal) and all of this shit with enrage, this must be fixed, this is not even normal mode its hard mode. Even if they fixed 4th boss in Jade Palace which was kinda OK when everyone got the point of catching teammates. But new raids its like OMG… i hope it will be fixed.

    yeah both newd raids need adjustments.. they are only normal modes. they should be doable if u know the instawipe mechanics..

    and for the "get good" guys. no. this is a video game, u play to have fun.. this is not a job or esport or anyhting.. if u need to get good before playing a video game its a bad video game. People want relax and have fun, not study 20 google docs and 10 youtube videos before they go into a raid.. SOme gamers nowdays are just sitting in their progress bubble... Get out of the bubble...

    The raid would still be challanging without enrage timers at all.. but failing a dungeon only cause some people prefer to play their build over the meta build is horrible game design and toxic... you want all summoners to force on Beavers since mingshi cant reach the numbers?... no! leave my mingshi alone!