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    Hey mighty keyboard warrior.




    So, I proved you wrong by saying "in reality blabla single raid pool". It was never a fact, since originally these raids were never meant to obtain gear for the same objective as China. Unless "Collectively should have formed the ilvl 75 gear grind." mean something else, but then if I take your phrase literally, then they literally did what you asked for.

    Collectively formed the ilvl 75 gear pool means, all 3 sets. I AM NOT AN IDIOT TO CLAIM/THINK ALL OF THESE RAIDS WILL DROP THE SAME SET.


    Collectively should have formed the ilvl 75 gear grind. - If you want me to elaborate it. It should have collectively formed the ilvl 75 grind along with jade palace but we got them as separate releases. Due to that we felt the Jade palace drops were trash. If I can acquire ilvl 75 from multiple sources instead of one, the low drop chance in jade palace does not hurt us anymore. (Yes, I agree poor choice of words here. I assumed the reader would not misunderstand it to this extent).

    But you should at least consider what forum you are on "[LOOT RATE]XIANJIU JADE PALACE"

    formed the ilvl 75 gear grind. Not collectively formed the Golden gear set grind. You are just reading in between the lines or what you want to hear, stop doing that.


    Instead of releasing them all together, the developers decided to throttle the content to give its player base a fake content development every 2 weeks.

    It's even in bold.

    And yes it is still throttling, all 3 gear sets could have been released. They were clearly available for parchment crafting.

    And I honestly do not know if you are trying to be just impossible here, but they throttled the content and that is in all honesty the truth.

    If they released all of them together there would be no content ready that they could push to satisfy their player base.

    It is a strategic throttling, they did it and you have no rights to fight me against that statement.


    Earlier you yourself said when the pet reaches 90 understanding, at that point of time hard modes will be released that are related to ilvl 90 gear.

    So why was the ilvl 75 raids that were related to these gear held back? And from the road map!! it looks like ilvl 90 releases will also take the similar approach ilvl 75 took, (JADE PALACE FIRST).

    Even a dev from SOLO wouldn't have argued on this context like you did FANBOY.

    The gear acquisition is not killing the game.

    The lack of content and the developer's strategy to throttle the content to a snail pace speed is killing it for sure.

    And you're still affirming that your post wasn't about asking the devs to speed up new content?

    LEARN TO READ THE POST THAT WAS QUOTED. SINCE YOU ARE BLIND, MY STATEMENT WAS A RESPONSE TO THIS (Honestly offended here, I was actually being nice here to defend the loot drop).


    Since you are aggressive at this statement, do you agree that the game is dying due to bad gear drop?

    Maybe try asking the question in the world chat, the answer you will get is bored/lack of content, again not arguing just saying since you are being impossible here. I have asked it and this was the response.


    The 2 new raids that will be released today Ice world and Ruins of Nuowu will be BORING.
    Most players have already out geared those raids and will cakewalk them to completion.

    Affirming something before the content released, nice! Turns out they're actually tuning the content to our GS and made these raids for 65GS! A cakewalk! Out geared!

    How weak are you in-game? Finished the 2 new raids without any issues today (with Randoms).

    Get Gud maybe, the content is not really hard.

    It was a cakewalk (BOLD x 100 times) unfortunately, and nope we did not have a raid full of over geared players (less than GS 72), And I was GS 67 Fyi.

    Tuning content to your GS and skill level maybe, sorry but looks like you are a week pebble in-game or you need a better party.

    SOLO is the name, Throttling the content is our game.

    Again, in BOLD! Complaining about content release speed! Unless you're actually complimenting them... lol.

    I know truth hurts fanboy. But swallow your pride and accept it. Acceptance is the first step towards a cure.

    Come on we both know, I just put that cuz it sounds nice. Its not a slogan of revolution. It was just a random BS i came up with.

    Again you fail to read the entire post, why did you quote only parts of the post? Stop hiding the fact that you misunderstood it fanboy.


    There are no updates regarding the contents after today's raid releases.

    Literally proved wrong with the roadmap.

    Look it was their official announcement yesterday that there will be a slow down on the content.

    I don't know why you are fighting against what they themselves claimed. HARDCORE FANBOY.

    Also, I never denied the credibility of devs releasing the content that was supposed to released on 23/9.

    I have clearly stated that in the last statement of that post.

    Maybe you have a different roadmap that also addresses post September releases.

    Ok since you are a little malicious and getting on my nerves with quoting only what is convenient to you.


    I don't know why we are behind ilvl 75 full set gear. You basically out gear every content post GS 65.

    There are no updates regarding the contents after today's raid releases.

    Why would I say something like this fanboy? Am I not claiming that we should slow down and not complain about the loot?

    Or do you lack brain cells to comprehend that something which is said can be positive and not always negative?


    There was a call for volunteers for testing their new content, so I am assuming the content release will slow down even further

    Again since you are BLIND, another hint that there will be time for us to gear up.

    Here is the link since you are too lazy to find it and verify.

    Join our SOLO volunteer tester team!


    With 5 Raids = 10 bosses dropping ilvl 75 gear it would take an insane god level of luck to get only one loot.

    The parchments will also lets u craft +1 gear every week.

    Why would I even suggest parchment crafting here? Why did you not understand the sarcasm behind "God level luck".


    Or do you just want to argue for the sake of arguing? Sounds like you a troll and based on your next post I might consider blocking and reporting you.

    Ideally, I do not want to see a follow up post.

    I know I know some people want to have the last statement, if you are one of them keep it short and civil.

    If you keep it short I will let you satisfy your ego.


    No new content for another month at least and we will have some fall event in the middle.


    I guess speculating bullshit is better than having a look at the roadmap that was released before the game release... And also, people speculate from the pet understanding level 90 that it'll be near the 9/23.

    This one takes the cake.

    To this you responded CONTENT WILL BE RELEASED ON 23/9.

    Dude are you also poor at math? On month from yesterday was 26th sept approximately the SAME DATE THAT YOU MENTIONED.

    YOU essentially got aggressive at me and stated the same exact thing that I stated in my post without dates.

    And how did I arrive at this one month conclusion!! OFC THE ROADMAP.

    I do read the roadmap and announcements here, I am just not jobless like you to track down and read a Chinese forum, would rather GET GUD at the game ;)

    If I wanted to rant about content, I would clearly say this - Just "Jade palace hard mode" ? Just one more raid.

    Now that is cribbing or ranting with respect to the upcoming update. I did not do that, and I wont do such a stupid thing either.

    I always give them the benefit of doubt with their said/claimed future contents.



    Game is dying a slow death

    Do not waste my time. I am myself claiming that the post was not intended for content rant. But you cannot swallow you pride And i am dumbstruck what you want to prove here. There is no award here for trolling.

    Grow up please, stop annoying and trolling others FANBOY.

    I hope you do not continue this useless argument.

    if it makes you happy to assume that my earlier post was content rant and not what I myself claim it to be, sure assume it was True and STOP THIS fruitless back and forth.

    Funny things is you yourself might stop playing this game in few weeks once you are done with everything. You will maybe return after a major release.

    No point in wasting our energy typing this long responses, I could have written a research/survey paper by now for the amount of time I have wasted here.

    If you really want my opinion on the game, I have just one comment/worry, and this is absolutely the only worry i have.

    With Lost Ark EU and New world on the horizon, the player base is bound to drop further. Its high time Solo started finding ways to retain more players before it turns into a filler game.

    Yea that's about one month, also mentioned it in my post earlier (last sentence). Thanks for confirming it.

    But some people do not understand English and get aggressive just cuz they read some Chinese forum.

    The post was actually intended to convey that we can take our sweet time to gear up with the bad drop chance. Because we have loads of time to do so.

    Hence this statement

    TBH, I don't know why we are behind ilvl 75 full set gear. You basically out gear every content post GS 65.

    There are no updates regarding the contents after today's raid releases.

    This forum is not about content but jade palace loot drop. Since myself and some of us were salty with the one loot drop per week.

    The post was a reassurance that we will not fall behind when the new content gets released a month later.

    I simply addressed the content throttling along with it, maybe it did create a misunderstanding that it was a rant.

    I had to address the throttling since someone mentioned the bad drop was killing the game.

    I say it again, in my opinion bad drops is not killing the game since there is currently no content that requires us to be geared to the tooth.

    English is not my primary language you see. Will you lynch me for speaking my mind, I don't know.

    It is easy to fabricate something with few out of place words, like what the person Reiha did.

    It was laughable when I saw him/her getting aggressive at a post that was not really focused on asking the devs to speed up new content.

    I wrote a long comment.

    But I do not feel like continuing any sort of discussion with you.

    Fine, I am sorry. You know everything so yea there is no room for discussion.

    Be toxic that is a great attitude.

    I shall leave this forum.

    Have a good day.

    I'm thinking this may be a bigger issue with the game than anyone realized. Obviously player numbers have dropped significantly since the raids were released. I think players got an expectation of rewards for their time and effort from the early dungeons, and to go from that to a complete lack of rewards. Or nearly so in the raids. I think this may have already pushed a lot of people away. The game is still very rough in our version of it, with many flaws and bugs. But I think this may have been a much bigger issue than all of those combined.

    The ilvl 75 gear drops were toned down to slow down the progress.

    But in reality the ilvl 75 gear was not drawn from a single raid pool.

    Jade palace + Horror of huaixiu + waves in a tempest + Ice world + Ruins of Nuowu - Collectively should have formed the ilvl 75 gear grind.

    Instead of releasing them all together, the developers decided to throttle the content to give its player base a fake content development every 2 weeks.

    With 5 Raids = 10 bosses dropping ilvl 75 gear it would take an insane god level of luck to get only one loot.

    The parchments will also lets u craft +1 gear every week.

    The gear acquisition is not killing the game.

    The lack of content and the developer's strategy to throttle the content to a snail pace speed is killing it for sure.

    The 2 new raids that will be released today Ice world and Ruins of Nuowu will be BORING.

    Most players have already out geared those raids and will cakewalk them to completion.

    SOLO is the name, Throttling the content is our game.

    TBH, I don't know why we are behind ilvl 75 full set gear. You basically out gear every content post GS 65.

    There are no updates regarding the contents after today's raid releases.

    The upcoming content should be some event to replace the Summer event that is ending on 2nd Sept.

    There was a call for volunteers for testing their new content, so I am assuming the content release will slow down even further.

    Speculation - No new content for another month at least and we will have some fall event in the middle.

    Same here, even I have had just one loot drop this week from the jade palace, waves, and horror combined.

    I had just one week where I have received 2 loot drop in a week, the remaining weeks it has been the brutal 1 drop/week.

    I crawled to GS 68 this week, and the irony is that the parchments have been more useful than the actual loot drops :D

    I have accepted my fate that I will only acquire 1 loot per week.

    In a game where there is a lack of content, the developers brutally torture you with horrible loot drops.

    I am not a fan of watching my peers with GS soo high that it appears red to me.

    We did the content together every week, it is a shame that you have to penalize someone soo hard for no reason due to a botched-up broken loot drop system.

    But seriously, how broken is your system? A GS 71 already geared to the tooth gets 4 loot in a jade palace raid? While a GS 66 gets 1 ? Do you understand MATH ?

    Sorry but I am frustrated now with your loot system.

    Time to uninstall. You lost me, I tried very hard to love this game. But 1 loot/week for 8 bosses is Not funny.

    I am pretty sure there are more like me who have quit due to this horrendous loot drop rate, Fix it and we might come back.

    Just ran 3 times Xianjiu-Jade-Palace and got 3 items - I mean what ?!?!?!?!

    Should it take 15 weeks to get full 75 gear? - its a joke, right?

    But on the other hand i see people with like 70 gear at the moent - how?

    Kisses by RNGesus. Some players have been fortunate to receive 3/4 gear pcs per raid.

    This is the reply from the moderator regarding the difference in loot. Not pointing fingers, but it is what it is at this moment.

    You are guaranteed to receive at least 1 gear pc per jade palace run, beyond that is based on your luck.


    Also, we tried boosting our Fortune/Fate/Loot drop rate according to a suggestion made by one of the moderators.

    The results were not satisfying, the % increase did nothing to the actual loot drop based on what players experienced this week.


    I ran the raid with 26.5% fortune and receive 2 gear pcs which was my best loot yet (1 gear/raid being prior loots).

    The parchments and the 2 new raids that drop ilvl 75 gears can help ease the gearing pain.

    You can amass at least 162 parchments (with the +2 increase to the weekly limit it should be now 174) which is enough to craft one ilvl 75 accessory and/or Minor gear pieces.

    If you are lucky and you get at least one drop from either of the 2 raids. That comes down to 3 gear pieces/week.

    I know it is not amazing but this is how I am gearing right now.

    The Ruvia and Lantern weeklies also have a chance to drop Top and Bottom ilvl 75 gear so if you are lucky that's 4/5.

    You can always turn your duplicate gear to parchments using the pet feed system.

    Hope this helps ease the frustration.

    Best regards.

    Two weeks now I only received 1 item (and not the right one for stats). How are you expecting people to want to say and play this game when you dont get rewarded. I have fished every raid ever week and I have NOTHING to show for it. This is unacceptable and already lost a couple friends to this game b/c of this and I am not far behind.

    I would love to hear others on how they like/dont like drops in raids.

    There are already tons of threads about that:

    Thank you ... and therefore I merged both threads together.

    It would be great if you could consider looking at the new bug where the raid does not reward the player with any loot.


    The issue appears to be more critical than low drop rates at the moment.

    Thank you,
    Best regards

    sometimes the loot is bugged, and u dont get anything, not even pve sealstones . happend to me today too.

    could only roll the dice on some "pet", failed the roll. got nothing, no pve stones, no silk, no gear, not even gold.

    That is a very nasty bug there. Sorry to hear that you had to go through such a groundbreaking/Horrible bug.
    I hope this gets fixed ASAP.

    Resource node disappears when you approach it if it is within the heroic event region.

    Below are the screenshots of this bug.

    The Resource is visible at 9:39 timestamp.


    On approaching resource, the heroic event starts causing the resource to disappear (9:40).


    On leaving the heroic event zone the resource is visible again (9:41)


    The only way I could access the resource was by completing the heroic event (9:43).


    It is not a groundbreaking bug, but if I am scouting the area most of the resources within the heroic event zone might be invisible.

    Best regards.


    In our last raid, we were able to deterministically say that 3 of the party members would receive the weapon as the loot.

    They were ilvl 66 and 67, and had received at least one drop from each boss in the past runs.

    While the rest of the team were ilvl 59 to 63 with really bad drops in the past and/or first jade palace run.

    Players with lower ilvl received 2-3 drops, one low ilvl player was unlucky he received just 1 drop.

    But the 3 players that had a higher ilvl received just one drop and that was the weapon.

    The drop system might not be completely random, as teaming up with players who have had more drops in the past might increase your chances of receiving the drop.

    And players with a higher ilvl that are aiming for the weapon can use a party of lower ilvl players to boost their chances.

    This needs more validation, but if others observe similar patterns in the loot drops we can play the deterministic game with our loot.

    The image posted by WaifuJanna might prove useful to look into this.

    I am also interested in knowing what would happen if 9/10 players in a jade palace instance are on escort buff and just 1 player is eligible for the bonus drops.

    Yep they are forum mods. They wouldn't be that irresponsible to post unconfirmed info in such detail (with a short guide).

    it is weird if they are restricting these buffs in the raid.

    I also ran all the hard and normal dungeons today with the same 26.3% buff (with decaying Qi).
    I did not see an increase in drop rate, but the item identification part definitely works.
    I have had +2, +1, and +3 qualities based on the occurrences respectively.

    I observed similar procs in the Jade palace raid today. The quality levels of my obtained 2 gear pcs were +1 and +0

    From my previous 2 runs at jade palace also with 23% ish fortune/fate, the 2 gear drops I received were also +1 in quality.

    To me the item identification works good compared to the actual loot drop rate.

    I am not sure if they can enforce such restrictions. I can simply exit the Jade palace raid and choose to identify the equipment in open world :!::/

    Maybe we can ask someone else to confirm it for good. All we are doing is speculating and we are getting nowhere from what I see :D


    Lets look at some facts here.

    Why would a moderator post saying that Fate/Fortune increases the loot drop rate. While the title itself mentions this forum is about JADE PALACE RAID. They know the game better than us, so I don't see any point in challenging their claim on such a trivial topic.

    There is no written text in the tool tip in-game that says it does not work in raids.

    Where is your proof that it does not work in raid? What is your source? Have you tested this yourself? Have you sampled it against a sufficient large enough test runs?.

    The only thing factual about the Fate/Fortune right now is that the moderator of the game himself confirmed that it works.

    I don't know where you are getting these information from, but maybe validate your sources a little.

    And yes it is also know that this ALSO affects the drop rate of Earth Beast Food Loot.

    Fate/Fortune improves the drop rates and item identification. (copied from the tooltip, there are 2 things named fortune 1- this stat 2-related to the resource gathering.)
    It is not related to gathering. I did get a +1 quality level on one of the gear I obtained today (item identification).

    Has a screenshot of the stat.

    Had decided to uninstall the game today if i received just 1 drop again.

    Barely survived the uninstallation with 2 gear drops. So that makes it a total of 4 gear drops in 3 raids @26.5% Fate/Fortune.

    Nerf the loot drop rate please, its just toooooo much.

    Sounds like a very good plan. But not all of us are blessed with static teams that work together like this.
    Majority of the player base run pub matchmaking. Not denying that your strategy is most likely what we should be doing to gear up quickly.

    I haven't seen it myself, but some claim that you can get lvl 75 parchments for the gear. If that is true some of the players might not want to trade their gems.

    But its just a dream for most of us at least to have such a set up.
    This also promotes elitism, so the lucky players who can have this set up will keep growing stronger like snowballing while the newbies and solo players will suffer in comparison.

    Grtz to you tbh.

    2 successfully completed runs here and still ilvl 62 :D

    Calm down, mighty keyboard warrior. If you cannot understand English and the intent behind those statements I am lost for words.

    I can see that you are running a 20-man raid. We don't, we prefer the challenge of a 10-man raid. And if the other healer is standing AFK while the main healer is working his ass off healing 9 other players. It is only fair he gets a kick. We cannot have any DPS dying in the raid to use the blade heart effectively.

    If it was a necessary AFK we understand, but for every single boss fight, the healer stood AFK for half of the fight at least.

    How did you miss this? I MADE IT VERY CLEAR.

    Do not get me wrong, new players are most welcomed, and carrying them is something that we all love to do.

    The reason behind that post was to provide factual proof that performance-based loot drops are not a thing!!!!!!!!!

    And as per what Heretic God said.

    I am not sure about your experience, but DPS who underperform in the raid opt to leave on their own free will most of the time. At times I have also asked them stay and try again.

    It is not toxic to ask someone to leave if they absolutely cannot do it. Since your progress is never lost here, they can simply retry after upgrading their gear or rotation or build.

    What is toxic is your suggestion that we rather carry this player who was dragging 9 other people.

    I hope you do understand that kick is a necessary feature but used on very rare occasions.

    And what exactly happens when we entertain this player who is dragging the team leading to multiple enrage wipes?

    The players who perform well in the DPS department tend to leave the raid and that is another can of worms I do not wish to open.

    This is from my personal experience during week 1.

    It took us 6hrs to complete the raid since low DPS players made the good ones leave and later quit the raid themselves.

    New players would arrive, 1-2 rounds of a trial run to teach them the boss mechs.

    3rd round we fought for real, if it's a fail some of them left again.

    Recruit more, more training, more fails, more leaver, and the cycle continues.

    If only we had kicked those 2 DPS players who had around 700-800 DPS, we wouldn't have wasted 4-5hrs of our time.

    And fyi, we did speak to them. Even handed them a keens edge elixir. And they left after the next fail.

    That looks like it is the gear that you get from fishing (the tradeable one) and not from raid.

    Also having gifting options help those who are unable to buy CC directly. The only way that they can stop this is to remove gifting all together which (like you said) will hit their income. So far they haven't introduced any p2w (not progress), And I'd rather they have it set like this to make income rather than introducing p2w mechanics to the game (like certain other b2p games with promises of no p2w)

    I am not sure about that. The gear was made available at the auction house on the first day of the raid release. The fishing event came later. So with the benefit of doubt I will confirm this during the next raid. Hopefully if I get a drop :D

    So what about their note on every loading screen about money obtained via unofficial means ....... you know the rest.

    Can someone confirm if CC trading is allowed and does not incur a ban?

    Phaendar can you shed some light over this? Is it legal or Illegal to trade CC for gold via the Gift system?

    I personally do not mind the CC trade I need some place to sink my gold as well. If they are considering it as legal they should be transparent about it.