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    most players don't appreciated getting ripped off and taken advantage of.big words.if u got ripped of its just because some of the reasons i explain later in the text.its a common thing that if buy more CC(or any other ingame currency in any fucking other mmo) u got a bonus.mostly in terms of buy more and u get a better value out of ur money. so if u top up for 50 its in your "reasonable" price range just a little bit idk why u complaining. its not like they need any sort of monetization. and its absolutly fine. its fucking obv that if u top up 100 times the offer for 10bucks à 300 coins u paying a shit ton of money. and yes even the thing oh 4k coins for 25bucks damn some left i buy 900 for 30 extra. and then crying is just stupid. these are absolutely normal buisness methods u face everywhere where u have shops like this.

    I lost brain cells reading this.

    I don't know how some people think these prices are justifiable at all.

    - They're not dyeable.
    - Not account-bound for the Fox race.
    - $50 just for a bikini, lol.

    How many people who buy the outfit would even care for its ability to bound to another gender?

    Why aren't outfits gender/race-wide account-bound in the first place? There's no reason to exclude them at all. We're already struggling with having to buy multiple outfits due to them not being dyeable. It's not like everyone is going to play (or at least want to play) using the same color scheme on other classes.

    In FFXIV, the top outfits are $18. Dyeable, account-bound. Available for ALL races, genders.

    This game is a bit similar to BDO, doesn't mean it's right though.
    At the very least, in BDO, there are lots of sales and cheap options. Typically around $30 or less. In my opinion, this is a little pricey because they're not account-bound. At least they're also dyeable. It's hard to defend BDO, too. They're greedy and known for it.

    Additionally, it's pretty scummy for Gameforge to host an event to provide them for free temporarily just so that they can entice players to buy it. Of course they can, as it is marketing, but it feels like they don't care about their players. It's easier to like a company when they actually feel like they care about the players, their experience/enjoyment. FFXIV does a good job of this. (I play both games, so please no "go back to FFXIV" comments) I enjoy SOLO a lot, gameplay-wise, and I enjoy wearing cool outfits while playing, but I would like to feel like Gameforge values us as players.