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    Probably easiest to just merge the two threads since they are about the very same thing, but before a Mod takes that decision and before I repeat my answer from over there, I'll just link it!

    Make the new 1 Boss raids drop a guaranteed piece of equipment

    The problem about this? Reward even more the lucky people.

    The devs will do the same thing then did with the last raid and reward that people that got drops the first week, and the people that didn't get drops will get behind AGAIN.

    Im pretty sure I put more hours than 75% of people that got drops the first week, and the game will always reward them and not me. With which type of players will they earn numbers? The ones that play everyday or the ones that play only when raid drops? :)


    I'm well aware that next patch and next level gear, you'll be full. I think you missed my point honestly.

    And once again you make the minimum drop rate of 0.

    Are you going to do the same that you did with the last raid? And make the minimum of 1 drop in the second week and make the people that got 0 drops behind again?

    I played 27% fortune and got 0 drops in both of the new raids.

    How is it even supposed to play?

    Makes no sense. If you do the same fix and not reward the people who got 0 gear this week, a lot of people will stop playing since it does not make any sense the drop system and the dev analysis of the game.

    Didn't ask because i thought it was your signature, what does that imagine mean? In the right side its easy to understand, cant figure out the rest.

    You're so very wrong and in 2/3 weeks you'll realise that.

    There are 2 ways to skip the lockdown...
    1) Pro mentor buff - takes 1-3 days to get.... and once u got it it lasts for 7 days, by the time it expires, u will get it again and so on if u play the game a casual amount.

    2)If u prefer to just log in from time to time for raids lets say -> You can buy the flag from the mentor shop (cannot remember the exact name) its costs 3.5k mentor points (which takes about 2-3 weeks to get if ur doing it in a casual manner and less then a week if ur focused on this) and this unlocks the drafts (raid lockout) PERMANENTLY for that character.

    Do you get drops aswell???

    If you do all the 6 bosses, and you re-join with mentor buff, do you get another chance to get item drops or no?


    Please Developer Team and moderation Team, do something about your game, either change drop rate or change the times you can do the raids.

    I'm beyond frustated putting all the hours I put daily to watch someone else that only plays the raid get rewarded.

    Last week I got 2 drops, this week I got 1, and still see people having already 6-8 items.

    There's no excuse to this, I even played with sworn friend, 5% + loot chance, loot buff and fortune 25%.

    Quick fix? Change the drop again or implement something that allows people to re-do the raid.

    Don't take this lightly, you'll lose a lot of players if you keep this discrepancy so early on.

    Its frustating having to wait 1 week to "spin the dice" again and hope to get lucky.

    Please, do something about this before its too late, since the day of the release your numbers keep going down. A lot of people are legit waiting for you to do something this month still, after that I will quit too.

    Best regards.