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    same place for housing same player names = allways problems for a merge ect.

    They could just give a free server transfer item or wtv in shop but people who do that have to pay without their own money/gold for name change and housing lot. This is also an option.

    They can also make a poll for it and see how many want to transfer.

    There are options !

    So let me get this straight, from what I understood from the stream is that everyone will start with 105 parchments no matter where they are ... What about the people that worked for their 90 gear and still have no luck in getting enough parts to get a full 90 set? We get thrown in the ditch and anyone that starts the game NOW get's better gear than us? Or I understood something wrong?

    Actually, the difference is that you can do more content for 105 parchments compared to a new player. Like the memory box thingy where you get a better weekly reward by completing the harder tier...while a new player won't be able to do it..or at least without a carry. Also, i assume that HM raids will drop parch's because without them we won't have any reason to run those and a new player has to work a bit until he gets the gear for it while you can jump straight into them. And on top of that, you as an older player...have jades, soulforce, sealstones, prestige/tokens/recipes for lvl 2 telismans...while a new player doesn't. In other words, you will be with a few steps in front for a long time.

    They don't rly favour new players, they just offer them a bit of a boost and i don't think we should cry about it because...let's be real.... we are in a very f**g bad need of new players! And let's look on the bright side, if new players come to stay and they have a decent gear... that means less time wasted in Que or recruiting for raids, it's a win for everyone

    It is not strictly "2 per week"

    But you get one guaranteed within a set of 4.
    So up to this week it was possible to do 20 bosses. That makes 5 sets of 4. Aka you should have had a minimum of 5 Gear drops in total.

    But yes, this week the cycle would stard at boss 13, Which starts a new set of 4. If you did all 8 this would make 2 full sets of 4 which should guarantee 2 Drops. So if this was not the case it should either be a bug, or the 95 drops work differently than 75, or it changed as well due to them adjusting 75 drops (which i didnt notice at all).

    [Just wanted to make it clear, that originally it was not a flat "2 drops guaranteed per week"]


    In most mmo...when a new raid with 3-4-5 etc bosses it's released, it's not designed to be done in the 1st week. Stop crying...finish as much as you can this week, pray for some drop and try again next week.

    If you can't finish under 1h a new released raid...OMG nerf it, it's too hard bla bla...if u you finish it too fast...OMG it's too easy, we need more content...every single time, some1 like you is going to cry about some new content no matter how hard or easy that content is.

    And i'm 100% sure, there are more than just 2 guilds/groups who finished all bosses.

    And let's be can't actually call the stuff from Jade "Mechanics" ... 90% of Jade is just a dodging game and dps contest...compared with other games where you need a master degree in mathematics and rocket science to solve the mech puzzle in raids...and the 10% left, is all about agro swamping...

    So...if you can clear it.. "it's all fine", if you can't clear cry for a nerf :?: