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    I'm the turtle - not going to rush at all! Going to explore the story and lore, try out my characters, and cheer everyone else on who is racing to max! :D8)

    And I probably won't try to log in when servers open - going to wait a few hours perhaps to avoid any potential issues

    Just for future reference to Steam Users:

    On Steam, I followed these instructions from a previous forum thread here -

    Steam reinstall skip

    basically I just removed the " demo" from the game file title and hit install. I had about 50-something-ish GB that didn't need to be re-downloaded, but still had the remaining to download - still, it saved me a great deal of time, since my DL speed is really bad.

    Afterwards, I have 80.5 GB in my Steam SOLO game file.

    I considered not buying SOLO because of the non-consensual PvP, but after doing some research and playing the demo I decided to pre-order. I actually don't think it's going to be a big problem - plus, I am not going to race to max level, but instead I want to get a feel for all the classes.

    Worst case scenario - if PK becomes really annoying then I could just leave, but with many hours of enjoyable play time experienced. However, what I plan to do is make some powerful friends - I usually play in PvX games with people who enjoy PvP. So if it does become a problem, then we will "handle the matter". :evil::D

    Just my opinion - but if you are able to buy the game now, and for some reason your area gets region-locked in the future, I would think you would definitely be able to get a refund.

    But if you are able to pre-order now, then it seems highly doubtful that they would later region-lock your area. Being able to see the game on the Steam store (and I assume being able to buy it on the GF site) would indicate that they have acquired the publishing rights for your region.

    Hope to see you in-game!

    I'll just leave this here - I don't think that PvE and PvP work well together in the same game. The PvE players are simply prey, pure and simple. I prefer games that are PvP-focused, and games that are PvE-focused.

    Before I buy, I want to know whether there will be instances of PvE players being subject to PvP without voluntarily flagging for PvP - meaning the game is not solely consensual PvP. Now I know that at launch in the West there will be no problems. But I would really like to know what the roadmap is.

    If it is limited to certain zones, then that will depend upon how important those zones are - if there are crafting materials or upgrade materials that a PvE player would need or World Bosses that are important to a PvE player, then saying there are "safe zones" doesn't really help.

    And I'm not expecting people who haven't played yet to answer - honestly even ppl playing the Eastern version probably aren't sure what will happen here. But I am expecting that eventually the Western version will mirror the Eastern version, with perhaps some minor differences. I mean, I don't think they are going to maintain two very different versions of the game.

    At launch, there will be dueling (traditional 1v1 anywhere in the world), 3v3, and 5v5 arenas.
    In later patches, there will be more arenas (10v10, 20v20, 40v40, PvPvE, etc) / PvP only maps / GvG map / faction warfare.

    Faction PvP (future update)
    Red, Blue, and Neutral. Neutral can still be PK’d. (There’s no hiding from PvP, sorry!)

    Bloodthirst (Flagged PvP, kill specific players) (Future Content)
    You can flag on specific players. Killing a player decreases your Good Qi (karma).
    In order to flag on specific players, players must be added to the Bloodthirst list to be attackable.

    The above information came from a player on Reddit, but some of it came from his/her friend who played on CN for 2 years, so I wanted to ask people who are playing the current version in CN or TW:

    Is Faction PvP limited to certain PvP zones, or is it open world?

    How do you add a player to your Bloodthirst list - can a player who never flags for PvP still be added?

    Thanks for the clarification :)

    Edit: I found a bit of additional info from someone who has played on the TW server:

    -arenas and BGs and OWPVP exist, but I didn't touch them because owPVP usually sucks in every MMORPG and I didn't want to grief teammates in arenas or BGs with 300ms lol. The owPVP feature won't be here for NA launch but it seems like it's completely opt-in with faction-based territory control featuring competition over world bosses and such, and guild v guild-based PVP. You are literally ported to an entirely different version of the map where owPVP is enabled, for the "standard" world I think only right-click -> duel is a thing

    So it sounds like the faction warfare will be on another map separate from PvE entirely (?). Adding this for anyone else who may be wondering about the same things.

    They really should consider it, because its kinda lame to play an asian mmorpg without an asian voiceover like chinese, japanese or korean.

    As we said during Q&A stream, we heard the request of the community and we are discussing the possibility with WS - although it may not be possible to add CN VOs before game release.

    The game is not localized in Japanese and Korean, therefore there are no plans to make voice-overs for these languages.

    Right, totally understand - I would not expect additional voice overs to be made at this point. I was hoping that the original audio for the game (Chinese) along with the English text could be an option - but apparently that might be a bit more complicated than I expected. Oh well, still looking forward to the game! Thank you for your response, Celes. :thumbup:

    If we're talking about gameforge, it's pretty possible to game get f2p, p2w elements etc. All we can do is hope.

    The game has been around for many years, never had any p2w elements. Gameforge can not add p2w with out getting permission from the creator of the game to make a change the game like that. And the game creator does not seem to have any intrerest in such a thing.

    Jennie, I really hope you are right! :thumbup:

    I'm actually not "hyped", although I plan to pre-order and play in the Betas. I am just ready for a new game to play, and this checks off a lot of boxes for me. I'm not going into it with high expectations, so I might be pleasantly surprised.

    It's "Action Combat". It's not like tera where you have to aim. Even in Action Combat mode your skills are still targeted automatically, you just have more freedom to move around.

    I've been playing TERA in recent weeks, and being a tab-target player for years, it's really been an adjustment for me. I've tried some other action combat games (Genshin Impact this year) trying to train myself. So your description sounds like an improvement for me LOL.


    What kind of keybinding will SOLO have? Is it totally free (as in FFXIV) or some keys are locked (similar to Action 1 and 2 in BDO)?

    Total customization from what I've seen.

    Oh that's goooood. Not being able to re-assign keybinds is almost a deal-breaker for me.