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    Welcome back ^^

    1) no use, sell them.

    2) soul chi is deprecated and not used anymore.

    3) not really. At least in EU Dragonsong is still very unbalanced.

    5) In the last stream they mentioned end of the year or next year I think. Judging on how 2.0 - 2.1 was rushed they can't wait to get there. So probably more like 4th quarter this year.

    Well for me personally it felt like a slap in the face when I realized that I'm no longer a "Charming Dragon" and instead a "Jade Dragon". ;(

    The old translation felt much more personal and touching. Like Yumiya but in a different way.

    The new translation might possibly be more correct but it just feels much colder to me and I don't think I will use it anymore now. :|

    Well the game itself provides some information in the "Dungeon Codex"

    You can read up all mechanics there although sometimes the translation is a bit weird.

    Other than that I guess there could be something on youtube or discord? I guess discord is the main communication platform for this game.

    One guy also posts his captain assistant files here which are up to date.

    You can use them in your game for those popup messages on different mechanics if you want them.…_Captains_Assistant_Files

    Or the same files from another person from github

    And if you press the little button "show tutorial guideline" you can't select the previous one?

    I had a similar problem with getting to sage. But It was because I didn't complete Zhongnan in the "beginner" tutorials. Would be stupid to require instance exploration to get to sage 1 and you need to be sage 1 to do instance exploration... I hope they fix that soon.

    hmm at least the "random instance exploration" popup says you only need to be student 2. But maybe this is also from 2.0 still and not changed. So probably wrong if it doesn't work for you.

    Also bei mir kommt das bei Steam immer wenn ich das Spiel starte aber dann kurz afk bin während es läd und ich nicht rechtzeitig den Server auswähle um mich darauf einzuloggen. Aber wenn ich es dann nochmal starte und eben warte bis die Serverauswahl aufpoppt und gleich auf ok drücke geht es eigentlich immer.

    Yeah you can get the missing points by doing extreme dungeons instead of hard raids that is true. I'm pretty sure though that extreme dungeons are not fairly simple for quite a few ppl.

    My opinion still stands that the class goal outfit should be available for everyone even if you don't want to do pvp or pve hard/extremes.

    I also think that if contributes to this "toxic" atmosphere in the game with reasons mentioned in the posts before.

    I'm not looking at it from one side. I'm quite capable of doing raids myself. And I still think that it is very stupid to require hard raids for certain things that are not relevant for hard raids and more difficult content. Especially quests, like it has been in Floral Palace, but also for class goals.

    Mhmm says the one who thinks about who? Yourself? Maybe touch your own nose for a change.

    I'm considering many players. And sorry to correct you, but you can't get the version target by doing leisureland. I think you can get 37/40 points max. That's why everyone should have a chance to get their class goal outfit even if they don't like doing hard modes or more. There are plenty of other rewards for doing them. And it is also not for free. There are just different ways to complete your goal. Not easy to balance but better. Raiders wouldn't have to do Leisureland if they don't want to and leisure players wouldn't have to try to get into a group for hard modes if they don't want to.

    As I said there are plenty of other rewards. You get a whole other gear level to start with, which is also a skin on it's own.

    So yeah I think the class goal is special and what makes it special is that it is also different for each class. I do not think that only hard core raiders should have access to that as a reward for "pushing" content.

    Originally this thread was also about the unfriendly community and my opinion is that this may be one of the reasons why the community appears and is unfriendly.

    Tja das mit der Versionbelohnung nervt mich auch tierisch.

    Warum muss man dafür schwere Raids oder extreme Dungeons machen bzw. alternativ eben PvP?

    Das sollte meiner Meinung nach eine Belohnung sein die jeder bekommen kann egal welche Sorte Spieler man ist.

    Denke auch, dass zumindest ein paar Probleme darauf zurück gehen. Viele wollen die Belohnung eben schaffen und melden sich dann auch für schwere Raids obwohl sie die gar nicht machen wollen. Am Ende sind in der Gruppe dann alle frustriert.

    Aber ja viele Spieler sind halt auch einfach nur unfreundlich wenn sie außerhalb ihrer Stammgruppe agieren. Da werden dann andere Spieler als "Schmutz" beschimpft weil sie noch nicht das super Gearset haben oder nicht so perfekt spielen. Schaffbar sind viele Sachen trotzdem nur dauert es eben länger.

    Ich denke auch, dass die Itemlevel zu viele Bonis bringen. Wenn man 165 mit 210 vergleicht dann sollte man nicht mehr als doppelt oder 3x so viel Schaden machen können sondern vielleicht 50% mehr. Würde zumindest dabei helfen nicht so eine große Kluft zwischen neue und ältere Spieler zu treiben.

    Gut mit 2.1 soll dann ja anscheinend jeder Boss ein Item fallen lassen und nicht wie bisher eben 0 bis x. Könnte aber wetten, dass das auch nur begrenzt hilft oder eben andere Probleme schafft.

    Das mit der Kommunikation hab ich auch schon Mal bemängelt wegen dem Ende der PvP/Leisureland Season.

    Auch jetzt finde ich das entweder schlecht im Spiel vermerkt oder insgesamt schlecht.

    Falls es stimmt, dass man diese Woche nicht mehr im PvP Rank aufsteigen kann, dann sind ja statt einer Woche sogar 2 Wochen eigentlich Stillstand. Verstehe auch den Grund dahinter nicht so wirklich.

    Ja die Idee ist gut. Generell könnte man manche Warteschlangen flexibler gestalte. Das Drachenbootrennnen könnte man ja ohne Weiteres auch einfach nur mit 2 oder 3 Booten fahren. Dann müsste man nicht immer warten bis 12 Leute in der Schlange sind.

    In alten Raids könnte man auch Companions mitnehmen die helfen wenn man nicht genug Leute dafür findet.

    Yeah partly you are right but I think this just confirms what I mentioned.

    Hard stuff+ should be demanding and is not suited for everyone. But then it is also just retarded to lock things like a class goal costume unlock or quests or biographies behind hard modes.

    Of course ppl will try to unlock it when they like it. Which then leads to groups that are not able to beat it. Everyone is frustrated.

    It should be enough to get better gear, materials, gold and whatever other crap you get from it.

    Yeah this is true but it is also true that the game could make the older stuff more attractive to players who already advanced past them. I mean what you do is nice and all but players like you are quite rare. I guess most ppl want something in return. I guess it would be enough even to add a bit more gold to the chests from the bosses. Otherwise some sort of currency that you can use to buy things you've missed yourself. Unlocking old skins or whatever. I guess this game is one of the heavy spiral focussed games and ppl in the spiral mainly go up and don't look down.

    I'm pretty sure all that has to do with "security levels for the payment".

    Not sure how Paypal works if you use it as a payment provider for your service. Probably you can select some sort of level how certain you want your payments to be. Or maybe also on the currency? Not sure. So maybe they require a credit card because they can be more certain to get their money with a credit card compared to a bank account? Or it is just the fees? Currency conversion? I don't know. As I said I also already had some problems with Paypal. I think it was because I bought too many things. They were really small sums like 5-10€ but because I bought more than 3 in a day they blocked the payment. No problem though to buy something for more than 1000€ if it is just one payment. Didn't understand the logic behind it but nothing you can do.

    I can ask one of my SEA friends later today how they buy their CC.

    Well I had my problems with Paypal too. Sometimes their "security" is just retarded. Have you tried calling your bank and ask them why your card is declined? There used to be a difference between "credit" and "debit" cards. This seems to be changing a bit, at least in Europe. Debit cards are now accepted in a lot of places as well. Since I use Steam I can't really tell but is Gameforge accepting any payment methods other than Paypal?

    I think it depends. It if just happens every once in a while. That happens for me too but on the next day it is normal again. Maybe some work was done along the traffic routing that did not affect the other things you tried. I hope it does not stay like this.