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    I took this error in the past, its solution is easy.

    1) You should open "run" from the start menu.

    2) Search MSConfig.

    3) Click the "Services" tab.

    4) Find "Gameforge Client Services" and put a tick on it.

    5) Apply and restart your pc

    ...and then your problem will be solved.

    I am from south america and the ping goes from 150 to 210, it seems to me that is a lot ... I don't know if they will fix this problem but if not then unfortunately I will not be able to play this game, i want to do all the content and not be able to pvp and raid normally because of ping is a no no for me, to make it better having a ryzen 5 3600 paired with a 3080 on this game is not good 3070 fps