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    Also, the game should automatically choose EU1 by default and NOT EU2.

    Half of the new players that join are actually going into EU2 thinking that's the best server because the game tells them so.

    Oh no so you actually gotta farm the Lotus Fire you need as a new player, same as old players had to do? Unbelievable.

    Sealstones I kinda agree, u gotta farm lvl 75 eq and then dismantle it, cuz 75 parchments still sell Seasltones III iirc.its like 30 per week.

    This post is simply ignorant.

    1. How can you not realize how absurd it is to give 90 gs equip to any new player as a catchup mechanics but not giving them a decent way to upgrade it?
    2. No, you can't get Sealstones from parchments anymore. Diqi only sells equip.

    And also, people wont be running 1.0 content any more, so i doubt you'll be able to even farm it.

    It's just an extremely sloppy patch overall. There are tons of things that make no sesne.

    I just hope that older players are more forgiving to players who dont have fully socketed gear.

    The hyped patch 1.1 came out and oh boy, what a bummer.

    There has been clearly no communications on the changes to the game after the implementation of 1.1, and as a result a ton (pun intented) of players are baffled as to what they should do or how they should progress.

    Also, i thought this patch was supposed to be new/returning player friendly but it actually is exactly the opossite!

    You rush ilvl 90 gear and then you are completely stuck. Your only option is memory box which requires you to have a carry run or have done the old dungeons up to HM to know the mechs

    New field bosses and blood ruvia bounties are buffed up by a lot so you need a big group of players to clear them, and now your weeklies are also more group dependant.

    So people will have to do memory box until the new raids release and have to go through the same tedious content recycling until march of 2022. Okey.

    Since it's no secret that the game was not doing well during 1.0-1.1 in CN as well, why did the Devs decide to port it over here at that state? i don't understand.