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    Well, 3.0 was originally scheduled for Q4 of 2022.

    I might be wrong, but I never read on official GF website that this ETA for 3.0 was available for EU/NA.

    Afaik , this Q4/2022 , or 3rd of nov. was a post on Discord, from a regular user and not from any official / coma / mod / etc from GF .

    Therefore, many players, including myself , expected the 3rd of nov as salvation day in form of 3.0 .

    What is annoying tho is that GF never bothered to come upfront and make an official statement (or maybe they they and I didnt read it) in which they clearly and without any doubt or foreseeable w/e state : 3rd of november WILL NOT bring 3.0 on EU/NA. That date is for MY/CN server !!!

    As simple as that. But they didnt and so many SOLO-ers were left in believing that 3rd nov. will also bring 3.0 in EU/NA.

    Further more, all this time, between big dissapoopment of 3rd nov coming and go without any 3.0 for Eu/NA and present day , GF nourished the same uncertainty about future road for SOLO but did what they know best : CC discounts, old fashion discounts, endless BP season (what was even the reason for not resetting BP previous season and start a new one , for those who were still actively playing ? ).

    As I mentioned before, me myself (and I ) would've invested some and take advantage of every CC discount , stash them CC for (hypothetical) new character/class - archer - but as there was no guaranteed future for SOLO, I ... I ..just didnt and surely, never will .

    Greetings !

    Yes, the Comas wrote that there will be an announcement about 3.0 but I have the strange feeling that the majority is expecting this is done before Christmas. Maybe you can explain to me why so many people thinking that because no one exactly said that there will be an announcement to Christmas.

    Well, imho i think THIS is exactly the difference between a good comm and a bad comm. I think of an engineer (precise and exact comm) and a consultant (blabbering around and full of variables comm) : the engineer says " this bridge will be 8 m high" . It is a fact. The consultant says " oh..well..dear see..ahem ahem ...well this bridge will have a foreseeable height enough to ensure a good circulation" . Words. So if the bridge will have 7 m , well, the man didnt say at all it will NOT be . Or that WILL be :D idk if i am clear enough .

    So , yeah.

    But hey, thank You anyway Zhirelia for coming here and exchange few words with the few people that are (still) browsing the few posts on this forum :)

    i Totally subscribe to OP 's statements.

    As someone who knows little of this and little of that about PR & public communication i can say that Gameforge's LACK of ANY policy regarding communication in relationship with their customer is a rare sight, a rara avis and totally not understable.

    Under no circumstances and under no future in/development or changes , be those changes to company's status (maybe..Gameforge itself is closing business as publisher ..who knows?) or changes regardind the commercial status with (any) SOLO developer should a decent company keep such a horrendous silence .

    Despite the bad reputation that the company has accumulated over the years, as a publisher of various games, there were still players, including me, that gave them (we don't want to learn a lesson, right?) yet again, an undeserved vote of confidence when we bought this game, before it became f2p .

    I remember the hype before 2.0 and f2p, all the streams and various info about future development, road maps and excitement for this game.

    Maybe 3.0 patch was/is not even scheduled to be deployed on EU/NA servers in 2022. And surely was/is not, given that there are less than 2 weeks before Christmas Holiday comes and along with it, a long vacation for GF employee .

    But why keeping this horrendous silence about it ? I see many of GF's people on Solo Discord, yet not single word .

    Tldr; i would have gladly spend some RL money for those 30-50-xx discounts but why would I , why would we do it ?

    So , as i see this, is like this : they have a chosen business model, to which we have but 2 options : either accept this fact and play the game as it is , or ...just leave and search some other time consuming activity .

    Regards !!

    I salute what you do. I would just add that, besides players being part of SOLO development and contribution to wiki & ingame support , developer and also publisher should show (so) much more care and involvement in advertising and visibility of this game. As you Sarumonin are in close contact with them, maybe, just maybe , because I assume you already do this, pin point the importance of this PR needed action and ..i dont know, maybe suggest them to add some incentive for new comers, returning players and such. Greetings !



    Can you please check and share if Is there any known issue with the quest mentioned above ?

    Completed all 3 biographies mentioned in quest's instruction (i know only one is needed) and still no reward from completing the quest .

    And its not just me having this " issue" ..

    It worked last week though ..

    Thank you and have a nice day ! :)


    Phaendar  Fossilo

    As title says, dont you think it's a kind of ... magic to waste so many quest/runs/etc for JUST 17 points in Book of Mysteries so that i could move on to lev 240 parchments ? Instead of buying some runes, as we could do in previous version of parchments, i MUST collect at least 135 pcs. to craft cheapest item - ring.

    Am not the only one in this situation, so please try to fix it somehow :) We know you can and we know you want to ... Fix !

    Greetings !:)

    Hey everyone !

    Some of the things written in previous posts are true but in the same time, we , or better say those who are complaining about " unfriendly environment" should also consider these facts and act as consequence :

    Being new(bie) in a game, e.g. SOLO, that's been launched more than a year ago, has TONS of advantages :

    - an existing database that can provide TONS of informations regarding game such as forum, even sort of wiki for solo : - even if not complete, still provides lots and lots of useful infos (big + for all those who contributed to it)

    - a wide range of videos , available on youtube, twitch , other social media - from guides to activities, gearing , class guides made by passionate and wonderful players , all sort of things

    - google !! ol' fren' google knows a LOT about everything that's been posted/searched/said about this game .. but you know something? you gotta ask him ! its like lottery - you cant win if you dont buy a ticket !

    So , before you jump at other players throat and accusing them of being "unfriendly" how about YOU put in some effort and do some RESEARCH activity OF YOUR OWN about you interests?

    How about watching a guide about a dungeon or a raid BEFORE you join a party ? At least have a clue what is going on and even if your dps is not sky-rocketing, at least you dont die, like a fly smashed on a windshield, at first boss mech.

    How about, instead of demanding older players, who started with 0 knowledge and tested the raw and unknown domain of SOLO, to teach you and to waste (yes waste, because YOU have all informations at a click away !!) their time with each and every new player ?

    That should be the aim and their reward for investing time and effort up untill now ? Just wait there, ready and willing to give everything for all new players that dont even care to put in some effort of their own and think they are OWED , they DESERVE to have everything for granted ?

    When someone asks for my help, i help. But when that someone come asking and says "i dont know how to..." and when i ask you back " did you look into ..did you google it ..did you search .." and you answer NO , then , sorry , the reason i wont help you is because i consider you a lazy person and i think you want to reach my level of knowledge and experience, gathered in months, just by doing nothing !

    Greetings Immortals ! ;)

    So start a pole / vote . Lets see how many rational GAMERS will vote your idea. Conflicts with RU players ingame..really...good reason to ban them all lel .

    BUt, each one to its own beliefs .. and one cant reason with someone who is blinded by rage .

    Because it is necessary to put pressure to stop aggression on all platforms. The Russian player is not to blame, that is clear, but neither is the Ukrainian player. The difference between them is that one is dying and the other is sitting at home in the warmth.

    So is the difference between you or me and a child in a very poor country. Is not our fault he is suffering from hunger or sleeps in cold. Nor is russian player at blame, nor is ukrainian player. These are the circumstances. All the necessary measures are being taken care of on economical and political levels. This, here, is just a game. A virtual reality. Free to play (soon). No matter what the publisher does or doesnt will matter for whatever decision that madman is making. Ban RU from accessing game ? So what ? RasPutin will cry river of tears and crawl on the ground !?

    Lets just keep at least the forum and the games out of this misery called war . And everyone who plays, no matter race, gender, political, sexual orientation or nationality . Cheers !


    Everyone with a sane thinking is against what is going on right now in that part of the world and i bet all our sympathy goes to the innocents that suffer because of an insane man. Everyone mourns the loss of human life and you clearly stated your opinion in previous post.

    But just stop for a second and think it like this : Russian aggression was not and is not determined by russian people, we know who is to blame for that and your rant here, on a game forum, is absolutely useless.

    Even more, think again : those people from RU region, going to play SOLO , will be those who have NOTHING to do with what is happening. They will stroke the keyboard and not a real weapon. There will probably be kids, or women or people who ARE NOT aggressors and who are not at fault because they have a demented leader. They will be gamers, players - just iike you and me and many others-logging in to spend some time aside the horrors of real life. So why would you ask what you ask ? Why you show the same signs of irrational aggression against them ?

    Tomorrow's the day when this beautiful masterpiece 10 out of 10 rated by IGN reviews of a game goes free to play! Can't wait to see so many people who never had the chance to play this amazing game enjoy it. I honestly think we need queue priorities for people who have spent money on Founder's Packs for this game since we will guarantee to hit over 1 million players on the free to play launch.

    @Gameforge Please give the Founder's Pack people queue priority. Let's hope it doesn't end up like Lost Ark in EU servers with long queue time. It would be awful to have long queues for the people who've purchased the game. Thank you. :saint:

    Can't stop laughing about the pure sarcasm of this person. The mockery is mastered at its finest and someone did fall into its claws. No offense for the victim, but : OP (aka Dead game) had previous posts in the same thread where you moved his recent post , yet decided to open new thread totally opposite of his/her previous replies. If only you have read those replies .. Anyway, nice mind twist and manipulation Dead Game

    Thank you Zhirelia and no problem on the delay of the free to play launch + the no queue priority option for the Founder's Pack people. You handle it really well unlike some other moderators here. I'm hoping to return and come back to this game again because of the new upcoming Elin/Loli looking race. Can't wait try her out.

    Guess this person had lots of fun when writing this :D using exaggerate reactions, over praised words and hidden, elegant mockery - yeah , nicely done

    Nobody cares about anything anymore, 15x15 pvp hasn't had a match since the start of the new season. 10x10 has to be almost 2 hours in line to start, I only see new PvE content, while PvP is getting worse every day

    So it began already !! Where are the monkeyz, they gone !? A premade insider guide on conquering BG

    When one's ego and selfishness take over fun , when rage and anger take over enjoying a BG , faction , anything PVP related and when all that matters is MY SCORE, MY GEAR, MY MY MY , then i guess staying in que for 1-2 hrs. is the price one has to pay . Got what was bargained for .

    Greetings ,

    Just wondering if anybody else thinks it would be a good idea that weekly cap for Mysterious Parchment increases or, at very least, make them account stash-able ? Besides other activities in game (pvp, gathering, fishing, housing etc) in the end, the main goal is to gear up and explore hard instances/raids . Slow gearing process is a good thing on one hand, players have plenty of time to properly learn the class they're playing (or not and re-reroll to a class more suitable to their play style) but on the other hand , it becomes dull and boring having to , every other 2-4-x months , rinse and repeat the tedious process of getting next level parchments or even the current ones

    January 6th: Currently you get item level 105 Mysterious Parchments from daily quests, merchants and other sources that reward you with Mysterious Parchment (current). With the server maintenance on January 6th, it’ll be possible to change these drops to give you item level 120 parchments. All you need to do it to spend 1000 Mysterious Parchments 105 to reach full understanding of the current level.

    Yes, can also get gear from raids, but its a vicious circle there as well : you cant get into raids without a high GS , and I personally agree to it , as better overall raid GS increases chances for clearing the dungeon and not having half of the players dropping dead at boss first mechanic .

    Also, a supplementary source for MP could be from all the events ongoing and upcoming - give players the choice to select parchments from event shop as well - who aims for cosmetics and housing stuff can choose those, who wants MP - let them have it (similar to how MP are given with the memory box activity) .

    The gear changes and upgrades each some/few months and some of the (decreasing number of) players dont even get to have a full set of " current" gear by the time the next level gear is up .

    Phaendar any thoughts ? Will we get the classic answer "we will forward this to developer" and afterwards the request/suggestion/demand gets buried and dusted in the back of the drawer ?

    Thanks for the fun reading , really " instructing"

    What you basically sumarise here is a description of premades monopoly upon BG. And I would ask you these :

    1. New players that want to enjoy all SOLO aspect (yeah, funny, that includes PVP as well) have no other choice but to queue as single monkey . IF they're lucky, they get matched with one AAP (Advanced Apes Premade) .and acording to you, they have to numbly follow the AAP around the map, just to win the match.

    2. Then new monkey tries to reach out to a leader/member of AAP , to get next level of understanding and acting and not just FOLLOWING AAP around. Imagine that AAP being asked for tips and advices from 10-20-XX monkey and the time he/she would need to spend explaining strategy and objectives and such (that in a fortunate case the AAP will even bother to accept friendship request from the moneky or even bother to reply on whispers).

    3. The monkey gets queued in BG. Instead of random pings on map , NO ONE , but no one of the AAP bothers to get the lead and coordinate ALL raid. 'Cause you know, monkeys can have a major contribution in winning or losing a match. Even though all AAP are supposedly full of...ehmm...knowledge and PVP Gods , they sux at leadership. 4. NEVER have I seen a LFG in PVP section. Never! "Why in the name of Supreme Ape would we accept monkeys in our premade !??! We just need cannonball meat, let them que alone and kill kill kill"

    5. Cant stop but wondering what will happen when all those AAP premades will reach top notch gear, skills, rage . BG's will be nothing more than an exclusive playground for AAP , because there will be no more monkeys in que (even a monkey learns from failure and will just stay away and avoid BG's, as they have no chance to progress, to improve skills or gear . If a living creature gets teased several times, will learn to just stay out of " danger" ) . If that so , then can't wait for it to happen.

    6. Wonder ..what will BG's look like if there will be no option for AAP premades in que ? I mean, come on, grow some ballz and que ALONE. Face your team/guild AAP in the opposite group , prove you are worthy and able to LEAD a team and coordinate players to reach final objective : WIN. But wait, what !? NO way ! I am stronk with my m8s , cant do sh1t by myself and why would I waste time giving instruction, revealing my strategies and teaching monkeys ?

    Do you AAP realise that by those premades you are basically killing PVP ? (that including 3v3 as well , of course. Monkey gets queued with geared dps, his pocket healer AAP and another geared dps. Voila ! Beat that ! Oh, you lose ? Git gud. Wait cant git gud if you dont gather points/coins/whatever to get better gear. So get rekt, bye bye!) SLowly but steady. Soon all monkeys will be gone from que, BG and 3v3 arenas will be nothing but a playground for big (or not so big) kids with big ego's .

    Greetings too all monkeys and AAPs out there :saint: