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    Not really.

    2. and 4.

    In China, the game is pretty well balanced. It all depends on the player. (and Gs ofc, but thats obvious).

    + Don't mention WoW or Tera. It's a completely different story... 8o:D
    (So far it's not unbalanced or FOTM chars like in WOW - Mop - Frost DK.......for example)

    Play with whichever class you like. What if you don't like the class when it hits max level ?

    I leveled all class to max, then I deleted the ones I didn't like.

    If you really want to fit any playstyle, create 2 char with different roles.
    For me, now I have my Summoner, can be Heal/DPS, and Berserker Tank/DPS.

    And the most important is to =

    That's my Tips/opinions Koihime.
    Take care !:saint: