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    Here's why I think the events should be for all players regardless of your level. We all purchased the game. It's not like it's an extra event you buy to do like battle pass rewards. If this game was free to play and then P2W like the other game I play, then yes having a level requirement makes sense. But in a game we all purchased to play from the begining, then the event's should reflect that. and all levels should be allowed in.

    Exactly. Since we all bought the game, All raids, should be available at level 1. Actually lets just remove levels and keep everything from start to end available. /s

    Like the previous poster said, one reason for this level restriction could be so that people cannot create alts just to do the event to farm gold. And also, even if you did not play the game every day, you should be able to hit max level if you had played since beta. I got friends who recently started who spend like 1-2hrs or so doing quests and some (logging in a few days to play casually) and still max level.

    Another (some kind of) quality of life improvement that came to my mind recently - it would be good when pet will contain PvE sealstone crafting for lvl75 parchments, too (either III or II tiers) or at least allow you to "dump" parchments there. Rationale: if you are having like 10 points missing to your next pet level, you have no other option than to craft another item (like rings, costing 135 parchments). Often, it may mean that you may need to gather extra parchments for next several days with no other reason, basically "wasting" the next level/current parchments (once they come to the game).

    They will probably add sealstone crafting for lvl75 parchments when lvl90 parchments are out. Just like how they did when 75 came out

    Seraf From what you've been telling about how the other guys is going around the map killing (and since diamonds league, I am guessing it's his main character), it looks like he's on faction pvp mode instead of rampage pk?

    If he is on Faction PvP mode, you are also in it and he can attack you. I suggest you turn it off.

    If he is on Rampage PK mode, he won't be able to do it always as he will get bad karma (Qi?) and end up in jail for hours depending on how many times he killed.

    Nah it's not. Skipping mobs has been part of mmo's for a long time (and I'm actually glad that there are a few places we can do that in this game). Now an exploit will be if u found a way to skip mobs (along with the % needed for the rewards) in dungeons and still gets the rewards. Jade palace doesn't have a mob % to complete. So go all out, find fun and interesting ways to skip mobs. But just don't do things like wall glitching or anything like the above poster said

    He just said a moderate amount of challenge for the average player. When jade (and later huaxiu and tempest) came out, people had issues with it. Now you see pugs even finishing it mainly cause most of them have no experienced the mechanics and is getting better and better. That's how it is supposed to be.

    We got players in our static that have busy lives outside of the game and cannot put too much time into playing and learning mechanics. Yet just taking a few mins of our time to explain it, they are able to grasp it and do the raid. It may not be in 1 go, but isn't that ok? MMORPG is supposed to be a progressive game where you work together and help each other out. If one person has high dps, he can make up for it for the people who are lacking as well.

    Didn't you say on another thread,
    "This is an MMORPG, a Team game, no one is lefting behind, if you are behind, the other people can help you "

    So take your advice. Help others and get help from others and play as a team.

    So after doing the 3 Raids (in order of) Tempest - Huaxiu - Jade, here is my updated drop sheet.

    (For those who missed the previous explanation - [LOOT RATE]XIANJIU JADE PALACE - Page 4 - Feedback and suggestions - SOLO (

    So for Week 5 (this week), I started with Tempest and Huaixiu. This is the the continuation of the Green Set. And as predicted from the previous post, I got the drop on the 2nd boss this week (last boss of the Green set). And then I started the Light Yellow Set (Jade Palace). Here, I got lucky and got 2 drops (both from 3rd and 4th boss). Now remember, it has always been 1 minimum drop per 4 set of boss.

    After that, my Red set started. The 5th and 6th boss of Jade palace. I got lucky and got the drop on the 1st boss of this set (5th boss of Jade). The new 2 raids are the last 2 slots of the Red set. By design, I already got the minimum drop so I'm not guaranteed to get a drop from these 2 raids (when I do it tomorrow). If I am blessed by RNG, I will get but if not, then it's by design.

    This has been consistent with others from my static as well.


    Check out this. It's prolly like that "within a set of 4 with no reset (unlike gacha games)", rather than "2 per week" generally

    I dont know since he didnt wanna go into more details. But the way he phrased it sounded like you are guaranteed loot. I did hear that in TW/CN you are guaranteed a drop every 4th boss (cant verify that claim I was told though since I dont play there).

    What I can say though is that the system to get loot in raid sucks. The RNG aspect of it sucks. The way you can fall behind if you are unlucky sucks. Heck even just plain dropping of tokens or whatnot to make it non-rng in the amount of loot you get. Like kill x-bosses and buy a random loot box of 75 gear would be better than what we have now.

    I think it was not fully explained by the CMs. The information I got regarding the loot drop (that I have explained) was from some Chinese players. And so far it has made sense (me and my static is keeping track of it). I will update that sheet tomorrow after I finish my raid. But as you can see, since there are 10 bosses now total, I should get 3 pieces of gear.

    Going to try Tempest and Huaixiu raid first since I have a guaranteed 1 drop from the first two bosses (1 or the other).

    I also thought it was similar to how mobile gacha pity worked. But it was a bit different.

    Regarding that Light Brown to Purple, you can see that just focusing on the colors (instead of concurrent drops/no-drops) it will make more sense. 4 light brown slots, with 1 drop. 4 purple slots with 1 drop. As you can see, it's 1 drop per color (set of 4). Although if you're lucky, you can get more than 1 as well.

    So i found the "1 within 4 rule" does not seem to apply.
    A lot of my guildmates did only get 1 piece within this weeks 8 bosses.

    That can happen as well. It happened to me this week. Only 1 piece. So here is how it works (at least from my understanding)


    [Colors = Set of 4] [o = no loot] [x = loot]

    Ignore the first week as there was a looting issue, so starting from 2nd week as you can see I first did Jade Palace. From there, I got 1 drop from the first 4 bosses (orange color). After that my 2nd set of 4 started (blue). Huaixiu And Tempest wasn't released yet. So as you can see, the first 2 bosses in Blue Section, I didn't get any drop (5th and 6th boss in Jade Palace). And that was end of 2nd week.

    Now on my 3rd week, I started with Huaixiu and Tempest raid (continuation of blue). And I did not get any loot. But as you can see, I already got 1 drop on blue from previous raid (remember, 4 set rule). Next, I started Jade Palace (Green). And from there, I got a drop on 4th boss. Next my color set (light brown) started on 5th boss where I got my first drop from that set.

    Now 4th week starts. As you can see, I started from Jade Palace (continuation of light brown set). And I did not get any drop because I got 1 last week from the same color set. Now the other color set started (purple). There I got a drop on the last boss. And then the Green set started. Here I only had 2 bosses with no drop. So all in all, I got only 1 drop this week.

    BUT next week (5th) there will be at least a minimum of two gear drops for me. I'll get 1 drop from one of the first two bosses (be it Jade Palace or Huaixiu or Tempest) since it will be the last 2 slot of Green Set. And then another drop within the next 4 boses. Also, "IF" a new raid comes and if it has more than 2 boses, I'm guaranteed another drop (making it a total 3 drops next week).

    Hope I explained it well :)

    That looks like it is the gear that you get from fishing (the tradeable one) and not from raid.

    Also having gifting options help those who are unable to buy CC directly. The only way that they can stop this is to remove gifting all together which (like you said) will hit their income. So far they haven't introduced any p2w (not progress), And I'd rather they have it set like this to make income rather than introducing p2w mechanics to the game (like certain other b2p games with promises of no p2w)

    There are 2 ways to skip the lockdown...
    1) Pro mentor buff - takes 1-3 days to get.... and once u got it it lasts for 7 days, by the time it expires, u will get it again and so on if u play the game a casual amount.

    2)If u prefer to just log in from time to time for raids lets say -> You can buy the flag from the mentor shop (cannot remember the exact name) its costs 3.5k mentor points (which takes about 2-3 weeks to get if ur doing it in a casual manner and less then a week if ur focused on this) and this unlocks the drafts (raid lockout) PERMANENTLY for that character.

    option 2- Liberation flag not working... when u use it ..nothing happen and boss still reset when u on group inside Raid

    There seems to be some miss information I think. As far as I know, Liberation Flag does not allow you to go into Raid a 2nd time to help. It's the Pro Mentor Buff (the one you get from helping newbies and getting 600 points from Jade Helper Scroll(?) menu). With that, you can go in the raid and help out as much as you can.

    Just know that the Pro Mentor Buff is a weekly buff and you will have to renew it every week by helping newbies or pvp'ing with your apprentices

    I think that option is only allowed when a team is pre-made and you go into a dungeon. If that is the case, you join the team knowing well that you can be kicked because by definition, they themselves made the team. (Kicking without a reason is bad in itself, but they have the right)

    As for going to dungeon using matchmaking, even if a premade with a few empty slots go in, the team leader is random and you need to initiate a vote kick to kick a person. As far as I know, you need all votes(?) to kick a person. So the option that you talked about is there in game as well.

    Isn't the gear being traded limited to 15mins while in dungeon and only with party members?

    Also all people are doing is selling CC for gold. And tbh, that doesn't allow them to really progress faster. With the limit on all other currencies (which you need for gears upgrades etc etc), even if you get 10k gold, it will still stop people from progressing quickly. They will still need to play the game to get all the required currencies to upgrade their gears. Not to mention, with how progress is gated in the game, you can get enough gold to do upgrades to you gear as well (unless of course you spend all the gold on housing =D )

    Remember, you're talking about 3v3. So there is a bit of teamwork involved in this as well. So coordinating with your team mates to time your cc's to stop the enemy from kiting is also an important part (ofc, even the enemy can do this).

    As for the x2 behind the enemy skill, I am talking about "Back Thrust" with the glyph which gives it 2 charges (not the Action plan).

    As for the 12sec & 18secs, sorry that I wasn't clear before. What I meant was that, with your skill that removes CD, you can use your Unshakeable (6sec cc immune + dmg reduction) twice (12 sec), And for 18sec (cc immune), you can use the cc break skill (siege). Like I said before, it depends on the situation though. Like If I feel like i am going to get bursted down and I cannot get healed up or escape easily, I pop the cd remover and use Unshakeable again (if it's on cd). If not, I usually use it to reset cd of Net to finish off an enemy.

    Also, remember, you have a disengage skill as well (which gives you cc immune for a few sec and even 50% dmg reduction). It's sometimes a good idea to back off if you feel like you're going to get focused hard (and you don't have defensive skills).

    It takes a while to get the hang of it and you need to time your skills as well. I'd suggest that you create an Additional Quickbar for all the CC Immune & DMG Reduction skills of all the classes, so you can see who uses which skill (a bit easier) and time your skills. Like me and my friends, we try to lure the enemies dmg reduction or cc immune skills and the moment it's off, we try to do a quick burst (except for bards... fuck bards)

    Well, I `play Spearmaster from start and what I noticed is, I do as much as damage as Any other class, and IF i deal more DMG difference is not so huge (havent tried other classes, maybe rotation is harder?) , People always says playing SM is Easy but I Dare you to play SM on 3vs3 and see how useless it feels when you are just 1 CC away from getting killed or they will just kite you till death, Hitting combos in PVP is not as easy as fighting mobs. For PVE Spearmaster ye its kinda easy but for PVP for ME its just terrible. I tried both Tassel and Spear. Im definitely not the greatest player ever but i dont think im too bad.

    You have a 3 stack dash, 2x go-behind-enemy dash and even a pull towards ur enemy skill (and a 'shit, I need to back off' skill). SM is quite mobile. And if needed, you can have 70% dmg reduction (and cc immune) for 12 seconds (18 sec cc immune, 12sec cc+dmg reduction).